Wookie Kodi Build: Review & How to Install Guide


Team Wookie is a group of 4 Kodi developers that work together to create builds, wizards and addons for Kodi.

“We are like a hairier version of The Spice Girls, ready to offer you the must have build in SPMC and Kodi.” – wookiespmc.com

The Wookie flagship build comes in three different styles: Retro, New Look and Lite.  However, New Look is actually two builds in one.  You can switch to Retro from New Look by logging on to the Retro profile from the power menu.

All three versions of the Wookie build have a lot in common, but there are some important differences to consider.

Scroll down for the complete reviews or download the Wookie wizard at https://wookiespmc.com/wiz/ and try these builds out for yourself.


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How to install Wookie

To install Wookie, you first need set up a file source for https://wookiespmc.com/wiz/ from within Kodi.  Then, you must install the Wookie wizard zip file (Click me – succumb To The Wookie.zip).  Once you’ve got the wizard installed, just open it up and select whatever flavor of Wookie you want to try out.

New to Kodi?  Follow the instructions below to install Wookie in 3 easy steps.

Step #1: Tell Kodi where the Wookie wizard is

Navigate to system → file manager add source.  Once you’re at the add source screen, click where it says <none> and then type in the following URL: https://wookiespmc.com/wiz/

Be sure to name your file source so that you’ll know what it is later.  Something like “Wookie installer” is fine.


Step #2: Install the Wookie wizard

Back out to Kodi’s main menu and then navigate to system → settings → addons → install from zip file → wookie installer.  

The zip file that contains the Wookie wizard is Click me – succumb To The Wookie.zip.  Click that and Kodi will install the wizard for you automatically.

Step #3: Open Wookie wizard and install Wookie

Once you see the popup that indicates that the Wookie wizard is installed, the rest of the installation process is a cinch.  Navigate to programs → wookie → install wookie.  From there, you can can choose whatever version of Wookie you want to try out.

New Look Wookie 

As mentioned above, New Look Wookie is two builds in one.  You can easily switch to Retro Wookie by logging into the Retro Wookie profile from the power menu.

Both New Look and Retro Wookie rely on the same addons.  However, the menu screens do look a little different.  Let’s take a closer look.

New Look Wookie pros and cons

New Look Wookie’s main menu rocks.  I also like its red and black color scheme as well as its very strong collection of addons.  Joker’s TV, UK Turk, Phoenix and Exodus are some of the best and most stable addons that the Kodi community has to offer– and they all have their very own menu pages on New Look.

New Look’s submenus, however, are desperately in need of Wookie love.  Virtually all the submenus featured on the Joker’s TV menu page point to lists inside the addon that don’t exist anymore.  A few submenus on other pages are out of date, too.

Perhaps the most disappointing thing about this build is that its glaring submenu issues can probably be cleaned up in just a few minutes.  If not for that significant but easy-to-fix drawback, New Look would rank among the best Kodi builds out there today.


  • Team Wookie support.  If you run into trouble or have any questions, just reach out to Team Wookie on Twitter.
  • HD background images.  The red and black background images mesh well with the menu.
  • Two builds in one.  Instantly switch to Retro Wookie from the main menu.
  • 4 Top Kodi addons featured on the main menu.  Enjoy one click access to Joker TV, Phoenix, UK Turk and Exodus.
  • Wookie Wizard.  Team Wookie’s flagship wizard gives you instant access to Wookie community builds, nation specific addon bundles and more.
  • 3D Movies.  Got a 3D TV?  If so, you’ll enjoy jumping right into a Pandora’s Box powered 3D movie list from the movies menu.
  • Extensive kids menu.  The kids menu has good looking widgets that display DVD art and lots of cool submenu buttons like “Just Lego,” “Big Kids,” “Ankle Biters” and 11 others.


  • This build pretty nice, but it would be a lot better if Team Wookie updated it more often.  The last Wookie update came out in March.
  • The addition of ROM Collector Browser or a comic book CBR reader would have spiced the addon batch up a bit.

New Look’s Main Menu Pages

New Look Wookie’s menu consists of 15 pages: Power, UK Turk, Music, Kids Zone, Phoenix, Movies, Joker’s TV, Sports, Exodus, Docs Zone, Live TV, TV Shows, Wookie, Addons and System.

In my opinion, the best menu on New Look is the movies page.  There you can find a nice looking movies widget plus a submenu that contains specialized movie lists like 4k movies, 3D movies and more.

Docs Zone is an interesting menu page with a theme that you don’t see everyday: documentary films.  It’s got all kinds of documentaries there from gritty mafia investigative reports to weirdo conspiracy themed exposés.

One of the worst menu pages on Wookie is Live TV.  Stallion IPTV, Freeview and Clu IPTV don’t work anymore and need to be removed from the submenu.  Castaway is there and its streams are pretty reliable.  But there’s no digital TV guide addon to show you what’s on the menu.

Here’s what the pages look like:

Retro Wookie  

If you’re the type of person who prefers to look at icons instead of text, you’ll probably prefer Retro Wookie to New Look Wookie.

The Retro Wookie menu takes up a bigger portion of the screen compared to New Look.  However, you don’t have to scroll through the submenus as much to get to what you want.

Retro Wookie’s Main Menu Pages

For the most part, Retro Wookie’s menu is very similar to New Look Wookie’s.  The only page New Look lacks that Retro Wookie has is power.

Here’s the full list: System, UK Turk, Music Zone, Kids Zone, Phoenix, Movie Zone, Joker’s TV, Sports Zone, Exodus, Docs Zone, Live TV, TV Shows, Wookie and Addons.

Retro Wookie’s submenus seem to be identical to New Look’s.  The biggest difference between the two builds is that Retro Wookie has icons leading to different addons and content lists listed on the bottom of the page.  New Look doesn’t have any icons, but it does have popup widgets that appear on some menu pages when you hit the up button.

Here’s what Retro Wookie’s menu pages look like:

Lite Wookie 

The main difference between Lite Wookie and the other versions of this build is the fact that it is built for speed.  It has no icons or widgets.

On the other hand, almost all the addons featured in New Look / Retro Wookie also appear in the lite version.  The background images are also the same.

Some of the cooler submenu buttons aren’t present on Lite Wookie, though.  The 4K and 3D movie lists are absent, for example.

Another thing that’s different about Lite Wookie is the fact that the Wookie logo appears on the menu.  I personally think the logo makes the menu bar look a little cluttered.  Sometimes, the logo overlaps the words on the menu a little.

The best thing about Lite Wookie is that it is a lot more up-to-date compared to New Look and Retro.  The last update came out at the end of September, which is why its Joker’s TV menu page has submenu links that don’t generate errors.

Lite Wookie’s Main Menu Pages 

Lite Wookie features a surprisingly large menu consisting of 15 pages: Power, Music, Kids Zone, Movies, Joker’s TV, Sports, TV Shows, Exodus, Docs, Phoenix, Live TV, UK Turk, Wookie, Addons and System.

Here’s what it looks like:

In conclusion…

It’s obvious that the Wookies behind this build are well acquainted with the Kodi universe.  All the best Kodi addons are listed prominently on every Wookie build flavor.  Plus, you have to give the Wookies kudos for their unique sense of humor and distinctive design style.

New Look and Retro Wookie are a bit out of date.  But if you like the way Wookie looks, don’t let a few broken links scare you away.  The Wookie community is large and active, so most likely the developers to release new versions soon.

  • Followed your instructions and just as wookie was installing the system crashed. This is the second night I have spent trying to install wookie on an Android M8S box with Samsung Smart TV and beginning to think they are all too fragile to be relied on. May just set up simple Kodi system.

  • Pete

    No matter what I do, I never seem to get anywhere. Installed the wizard, picked a build. When it runs I always end up back at the standard Kodi screen

    • Taylor Morgan

      did you ever get it to work? I’ve tried installing wookie multiple times and after it fully installs and Kodi restarts, I too get the Welcome screen.

      • Pete

        No, still not got a working system 🙁