How to Watch the U.S. Open on Kodi 2016

U.S. Open on Kodi

With the Olympics officially over, it’s time for the next, best thing: the U.S. Open. If your calendar is already marked to August 29th, you’re good to go. But if you don’t have access to the plethora of sports channels live streaming the matches, you may miss some of the best games the U.S. Open has to offer. Thankfully, getting the U.S. Open on Kodi has never been easier.


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Add-on Testing and Takeaways

The U.S. Open is officially running from August 29th to September 11th. We researched which major television networks are showing the matches. We then did some testing on a handful of Kodi addons. We have several main takeaways:

  • The BT Sport channels were the most consistently working live sports channels in every add-on we checked. While we initially thought that they were showing the U.S. Open, we’ve discovered that BT Sport will be showing the WTA games in the Connecticut Open. This channel will be your best bet for those games in case you’re looking for more American-based tournament matches.
  • Sky Sport has a contract until 2017 to air matches. However, the network controversially dropped the U.S. Open this year in favor of other sports.
  • Network Eurosport also has a contract to air U.S. Open matches until 2017.  Links tend to work on different add-ons. However, the network will not be airing quarterfinals live.
  • Canadian channel TSN will be showing U.S. Open matches. Through testing, we discovered consistently working links for this channel.
  • American sports channels are pretty much a non-starter. We found dead links for these across different add-ons. We could not find any consistently working links in any add-on for and American sports channels, except for college sports channels (which won’t be showing the U.S. Open).

Based on our research, we found the following two add-ons to be the best for gaining access to functional, working links to channels that will be showing the U.S. Open: ZemTV and UKTV Again. The following add-ons are good solutions for getting accessing the US. Open on Kodi by providing access to, Eurosport, BT Sport and/or TSN channels. Your best bet to catch every game is going to be through add-ons that have working links to TSN.


ZemTV Kodi Addon

ZemTV provided excellent access to all of the sports channels listed above, specifically TSN. We found working links for each throughout the add-on. As the add-on actually has several different pages listing many of the same channels, it’s easy to try to go to just any. However, we had the most success getting access to these channels through the UKTVNow panel. 

UKTV Again

UKTV Again Kodi

UKTV Again is a perfect option with a great layout as well. For those that don’t feel like dealing with the somewhat messy layout that you’ll find with ZemTV, UKTV Again is where you’ll want to go. All of the aforementioned channels that are showing the U.S. Open, and have working links, are working well on this add-on.

Additional Notes

We also tested some of the commonly popular add-ons for live streaming, including Sports Devil, Sports Mix, Phoenix, and iLiVE. We did not find them working very effectively for streaming any of the channels we mentioned.