How to Watch UFC on Kodi: Best MMA/UFC Kodi Addons

ufc on kodi

Kodi addons that help you find MMA content are out there.  But unless you do your homework, you’re going to have to wade through a lot of bad quality addons to find what you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in trying out an MMA addon for Kodi, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration if you read this guide first. In it, we break down how to watch UFC on Kodi into five addons. None of the 5 listed below are perfect, but each one has something unique to offer.


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How to Tell a Good Kodi Sports Addon From a Crappy One

Poor quality sports addons typically have:

  • Misspellings all over the place
  • Tons of dead links
  • Out-of-date content
  • Confusing menus

The number one best way to spot a quality MMA addon is by checking to see if the developer is active on Twitter and other social networks.  If the developer doesn’t care about supporting the addon and updating its content on a regular basis, don’t even bother using it.

Reviews of 5 Popular UFC/MMA Kodi Addons

After doing some research to find out how MMA fans are using Kodi to view live streams of fights, I came up with a list of 5 popular UFC/MMA Kodi addons: MoneySports, Phoenix, UFC Finest, AllWrestling and SportsDevil.

1. UFC Finest

UFC Finest is my personal favorite MMA addon.  It has an incredible amount of new and old UFC content.

My favorite thing about this addon is its well organized, intuitive menu system.  Many sports addons are filled with hundreds of dead links and aren’t very well laid out.  UFC Finest, however, doesn’t have that problem.  As you can see, its menu actually looks pretty logical.


Just pick which UFC show you want to watch and enjoy.  It’s that simple.  There are no dead links to click through and no ugly menus to tolerate.

All the UFC Content You Could Ever Dream of (Well, Almost)

The good thing about UFC Finest is that it has literally hundreds of hours of up-to-date content.  But unfortunately, there are no new numbered fights in the UFC catalogue.

Numbered fights (UFC 200: Tate vs Nunes, for example) are usually only available on pay-per-view.  Some MMA addons have them, but UFC Finest does not.

No Live Feeds, Either

If you’re looking to watch live fights, you’ll probably want to go with one of the other addons listed below.

Why UFC Finest Is #1

UFC Finest’s lack of live feeds and pay-per-view games are two major downsides.  But I still think UFC Finest is the best overall MMA addon.

The best thing about UFC finest is the fact that it has a massive catalogue.  Every single episode of UFC Fight Night and Ultimate Fighter can be found on this addon.

The other thing I like about UFC Finest is its developer, DetectiveKodi.  DetectiveKodi is very active on Twitter.  He has posted a lot of tweets about UFC Finest, which is a good sign that he’ll continue to update and maintain its catalogue.

To learn more about this addon, check out our step-by-step installation guide / in-depth review of UFC Finest.

2.  AllWrestling

The second best MMA addon of the bunch is AllWrestling.  AllWrestling doesn’t have quite as much UFC content as UFC Finest, but what it does have is pay-per-view UFC games.


As you can see, all the UFC fights are kind of jumbled together.  Fight Night fights are mixed in with pay-per-view fights and Ultimate Fighter episodes.

No Hosted Content

Unlike UFC Finest, the maker of AllWrestling doesn’t host his own content.  That’s the reason why instead of opening up a stream, each fight that you see in the picture above leads to a long list of links to other sites.  After trying a few different dead links, I was able to find a few that worked.

It Has Some Interesting Pro Wrestling Content, Too (If You’re Into That Sort of Thing)

In addition to WWE and TNA, there are also links to exotic professional wrestling shows like NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling), Lucha Underground and a few others.

To learn more about this addon, check out our step-by-step installation guide / in-depth review of AllWrestling.

3.  SportsDevil

When it comes to streaming live MMA fights, SportsDevil is probably the best option out there.  Like Sam mentioned in his review of SportsDevil, it really does have a ridiculous amount of links to sports related TV streams.

The only problem, of course, is finding links that actually work.


One interesting thing about SportsDevil is that there is an option called *schedule* that allows you to see what’s currently playing on TV.  It’s a great idea to have a schedule embedded in the addon, but what time zone is set to?  There’s no way to know for sure.

Half of the Menu Options Are Pretty Much Useless

When you get to the main menu of SportsDevil, you might as well ignore Favourites, Blogs Highlights and Live TV.  The only menu options worth checking out are Live Sports and Sports TV.

More Working Links Than Most Sports Addons

I had better luck finding a working stream with SportsDevil than any other Kodi addon I’ve tried so far, which seems to indicate that whoever created it updates the streams lists on a regular basis.

To learn more about this addon, check out our step-by-step installation guide / in-depth review of SportsDevil.

4.  Phoenix

When it comes to the addon known as Phoenix, go straight to One242415.  Currently, One242415 is the only part of Phoenix that actually works.  The rest of it is littered with crazy menus and links that don’t go anywhere.

Also, the search function is pretty much useless.  I tried searching for “MMA.”  The search results delivered a few Mamma Mia! episodes, but nothing related to mixed martial arts.

One242415 is where you want to be if you’re looking for MMA content.


In the Mixed Martial Arts section you’ll find links to MMA TV channels called MMA Now, Fight TV Plus, GFL Combat Sports and UFC Next.  When I tested out those channels, they all worked.

After doing some reasearch I found out that all four MMA channels listed above are totally legit, 100% free streams that broadcast live MMA fights, interviews and other MMA related content.  Unlike UFC Fight Pass, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to get access.

The good thing about legitimate streams is that they don’t get shut down.  Even though you can access MMA Now, Fight TV Plus, GFL Combat Sports and UFC Next elsewhere on the web, it’s nice to be able to get ad free access to them via Kodi.

Odds are that you probably won’t be able to see all the UFC fights via Phoenix One242415, but at least you’ll be able to tune in any time you feel like watching a match.  In addition to the live streams, the Mixed Martial Arts section also has a decent amount of archived fights to check out.

To learn more about this addon, check out our step-by-step installation guide / in-depth review of Phoenix.

5.  MoneySports

Out of the 5 MMA addons that I tested out, MoneySports was the worst.  The misspellings, dead links, awkward menus and performance issues grated on my nerves.  The creator of MoneySports deserves some credit for wanting to share his content, but… come on.  You can do better than this, SOME FINE FELLOW.

Hosted Box Office Fights

There was one thing that I did like one thing about this addon: the BOX OFFICE EVENT REPLAYS section.  Unlike most MMA addons that rely on external links to deliver pay-per-view content, the anonymous fine fellow that runs MoneySports seems to be hosting the content himself.


Even though MoneySports currently has a lot of issues it does show some promise.  If the creator of MoneySports keeps hosting pay-per-view content and fixes up his menu a bit, this addon could really take off.  Hopefully the developer lives in a country where it’s legal to store unlicensed content and share it with the world.

MoneySports won’t be your go-to MMA addon anytime soon, but it’s worth it to go ahead and install it anyway to see where the developer goes with it.

To learn more about this addon, check out our step-by-step installation guide / in-depth review of MoneySports.

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