How to Watch Sling TV Outside the U.S. – In Canada, UK, Australia

sling tv outside US

You may have been hearing the name “Sling TV” a lot recently. This emerging live TV service is making waves both for how inexpensive it is, as well as how many great channels it offers. Less than 2 years old, the American service is bringing value to cord cutters across the States. But what about American ex-pats and international American TV fans? If you’re looking for how to watch Sling TV outside the U.S., look no further. Thankfully, Sling TV’s unique service is completely on-demand and broadcast over the internet, which means, yes, anyone outside the U.S. can enjoy the service as well — especially if they employ a good VPN like IPVanish.

How Does Sling TV Work?

A subsidiary of Dish Network, Sling TV works just like most other online streaming services out there. All you need to do is create an account on Sling’s website, download their software, and you’re ready to go. The service even offers a 7-day free trial for those who want to try before they buy.

What makes Sling a great cord cutter’s dream is two things. First is the fact that the service works with the devices you likely already have. There is no proprietary device needed. So if you have any of the following, you could start watching Sling TV within the next few minutes:

  • Apple TV
  • iOS device
  • Mac computer
  • Windows computer
  • Android device
  • Roku
  • Amazing Fire Stick
  • Chromecast
  • AndroidTV
  • Xbox One (sorry PS4 fans)

The service offers 3 different channel packages, offering up to highly popular cable channels. There is a bit of a difference between the 25+ channel package and the 40+ channel package, as the 25+ package offers ESPN, ESPN3, ESPN3 and the Disney Channel, while the 40+ package, oddly, does not. Nevertheless, prices are comparatively inexpensive: $20, $25 and $40.

Sling TV channels

Remotely Accessing Sling TV

As Sling TV utilizes geographic blocks for content, anyone hoping to access the service from overseas will need to use a proxy method of some sort. Sling TV will let you create an account even if you’re overseas. However, if you try to actually access the service while overseas, you will be sent a cancellation email from Sling. The site utilizes software to detect and automatically block your access. In fact, it’s quite likely that the account cancellation and subsequent emails are automated as well.

There are two primary ways to go getting around the geographic content blocks: DNS proxies and VPNs. We recommend VPNs, and in particular, IPVanish. From our experience, it’s been the fastest, and most reliable VPN on the market. We do not recommend using a DNS proxy.

The DNS Proxy Method (Not Recommended)

You can use this method if all you’re looking to do is spoof Sling into thinking you’re located in the U.S. DNS proxies will route you through a proxy DNS server located in the U.S. When you connect to sling through the server, Sling’s website reads your location as within the U.S., giving you the green light to go ahead and go on in. The benefit to a DNS proxy is that you’ll experience little loss in speed.

That said, we personally do not recommend this method. DNS proxies are usually the first to get blocked, and indeed appear to be easier to block by services like Sling TV.

The VPN Method

VPNs have a proven track record of getting past geographic content blocks without suffering from the DNS blockade from many online streaming services. IPVanish, in particular, is one VPN we’ve found that gets past every content block we’ve tested it on. We decided to put it to the test for Sling TV.

While connected to an American server on the VPN, I decided to load up one of the live TV streams. My own cable TV package doesn’t include HGTV, so I decided to go with one of my current favorites. Property Brothers it is!

The result? It took a little longer to load due to the speed decrease that comes with running through a VPN, but the stream worked just fine after it was playing:

Sling TV test

The important fact here being, of course, that it did indeed play — and well!

I decided to see what happened if I tried to use to Sling TV while connected to a VPN server outside the U.S.:

Sling TV VPN

Confirming that I was definitely connected to a server in Slovenia, I tried to load up Sling TV again:

Sling TV login

Uh oh. Maybe their website?

Sling TV homepage blocked

Perhaps not.

As you can see, IPVanish allowed me to access Sling through a U.S. VPN server but completely locked me out once I tried to connect to Sling through a server in Slovenia. Turnin back to the US server in IPVanish let me right back in:

Sling TV Testing

IPVanish worked wonders in getting us into Sling TV’s service. Chances are, it will work wonders for anyone else as well. Other VPN services may also work. More likely than not, any VPN service that works with Netflix will also work with Sling TV, although we can’t confirm that. The two services may employ different blocking methods and may have different blacklisted IP addresses. Nevertheless, VPNs are probably your best bet in getting Sling TV outside of the U.S.

Also important to this issue: You can sign up for Sling TV without actually providing any address information. This may not seem too pertinent, however, some services with geographically blocked content do ask for an address as proof that you live in the region, alongside checking your IP address when you try to use the service. Thankfully, Sling TV does not do this, so you can sign up without the worry of having to provide falsified information to the service.

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