Watch English Premier League (EPL) on Kodi 2016-2017

english premier league Kodi

With 20 clubs competing in over 400 games, the Premier League offers more than enough fodder for anyone to cheer or break things (your choice, really). Watching the English Premier League on Kodi offers any cord cutter their best opportunity to catch all the games. And for American-based soccer fans, it’s going to be your best method to catch some pretty hardcore British football.

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users.

IPVanish and Kodi

Research Notes:

Instead of giving you a super long list of every known live TV or sports add-on, we’re just going to give you the best, high-quality streams that we could find. We narrowed our search for Kodi addons with functional, high-quality streams for networks that have Premier League contracts. The largest share went to Sky (126 games) and BT (42 games). On the U.S. side, NBC Sports is the sole broadcaster, with 150 games. The Canadian network TSN will also be showing around 190 games. Other networks that are showing an array of games, and that are commonly found on Kodi addons, include beIN and Star Sport. But your best options will be addons with working streams for Sky, BT, TSN and/or NBC.

We checked all of the following Kodi addons known for having good sports streams: ZemTV, Castaway, SportsDevil, Adrian Sports, UKTV Again, Evolve, Bulldog, Everyone’s Liverpool, NJM Soccer, cCloud TV, Phoenix, VidTime. We gave preference to addons with working streams for Sky, BT, and TSN. From our experience, NBC sports is usually a hit or a miss, while TSN and BT are almost always up and running.

Those that made the list had to have, at the least, working streams for Sky, BT and TSN. Hopefully, this list provides you with the widest and best array of options.


Install guide here.

ZemTV Kodi Addon

There are a lot of options in ZemTV. The best part? A good amount of HD streams, and simply more options than you’ll actually know what to do with. The biggest downside to ZemTV continues to be a messy interface. Nevertheless, it’s a solid option.

Here’s where to find the streams in ZemTV.

Under the “Sports” section:

Pi sports: Sky, beIN, TSN, Star


PTC Sport: Sky

UniTV sports: Sky, TSN, NBC, beIN

WTV: beIN, Sky, NBC


Mona: beIN, BT, Sky

Safe: Sky Star


Install guide here.

sports devil Premier league on kodi

SportsDevil has good, working streams for the major broadcasters. There are two sports sections here, “Live Sports” and “Sports TV”. Ignore “Live Sports”. There are no functional streams for Premier League there. All of your options will be found under “Sports TV”.

Here’s where to find the streams in ZemTV.

Under the “Sports” section: Sky, BT Sky, BT Sky, BT Sky, BT


Download repository zip here.

.Adrian Sports. kodi addon

Adrian is fairly pared down in a good way. You’ll get good access to the English Premier League on Kodi through this addon.  If you have Plexus, you get access to Acestreams Sports, a very good way to watch the matches. The addon has a dedicated EPL section, as well as a section with working streams to all of the following: beIN, Sky, TSN.

UKTV Again

Install guide here.

UKTV Again

UKTV Again comes through again with a simple interface and working links. Under the “Sports” section, the following channels are working: Sky, TSN, BT, Star, NBC.


Download repository zip here.

NJM Soccer Kodi

NJM-Soccer gives you exactly what it says. The streams come in at fairly good quality as well, although can occasionally load rather slowly. In this add-on, you’ll find the following networks streaming: Sky, BT, NBC.


Install guide here.

Phoenix Kodi Addon

Phoenix pulls through when it comes to watching the Premier League on Kodi. To avoid having to sift through the ridiculously large number of options here, we’ll just direct you to the best option: Cosmix Sports and Live TV. Under this section, you’ll find the following working streams: Sky, BT, beIN. NBC is listed under both but does not work at the time of this writing.


Download repository zip here.

VidTime Kodi Addon

VidTime has some excellent working streams. You’ll even find a good many that are coming in clearly in HD. To find the live sports streams here, you’ll need to go to the “VT TV” section. You’ll find the following networks with working streams: Sky, BT, NBC, TSN

Ace Stream

Download repository zip here.

Ace Stream Kodi

AceStream provides a lot of good content streams. This one uses a P2P (torrent) method to provide high quality streams. As we mentioned in the research notes, a great option if you want good streaming sources, but definitely one that you’re going to want to use with a VPN. We don’t recommend this one without a VPN, in fact.

Additional Options

Not all the best options are live TV. If you miss a few games, you’ll want a few good video on demand addons as well. During our review, we find two great options for this:


Download depository zip here.

Castaway kodi addon

This is going to be a great option for those who miss games and want to catch replays. Castaway has a “Sports on Demand” section with a good number of Premier League games.

Ares Football

Download repository zip here.

Ares Football
You don’t get to choose individual networks with this one. However, it does have a dedicated Premier League section with a wide range of full-match replays. It’s right up there with Castaway for getting replays of games you missed.