Vidtime Kodi Addon – How to Install Guide

Vidtime nhl

The VidTime Kodi addon is far from the being the best video Kodi addon. However, this addon has a few key features that will easily draw in many Kodi users. If you can get past a somewhat odd menu, you’ll find excellent access to live TV, music, cartoons and anime, and a few select sports. Our quick-and-easy installation guide will help you get the addon installed on your Kodi. At the bottom, you’ll find our analysis of the benefits and limitations of this addon as well.


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*Note: This addon is more easily located in the Addon Installer from TVAddons. To install the Fusion Installer, go to System > File Manager > and in “None,” enter ““. This will save the Fusion Installer. Then, go to System > Settings > Add-ons > Install from zip > Fusion > Start Here > and select the following: “”. Addon Installer is now installed!

  • From the home screen, head to “Programs”.

VidTime install

  • Click on the “Addon Installer”.

VidTime Install

  • Click on the “Search by Addon/Author” section.
  • Type in the addon’s name: “VidTime”.

Vidtime installation

  • Click on “VidTime” to enter a new screen. In the new screen, click on “VidTime” and then “Install”. You’ll receive a confirmation message when the addon has successfully installed.

Vidtime installation

VidTime Benefits and Limitations

VidTime is a little bit difficult to pin down. The addon specialized in streaming video content, but it doesn’t have any specific theme that it’s going for. Likewise, its menu can come off as highly unorganized if you’re looking for something specific. The main menu options include “VT SE”, “VT TV”, “VT OUTDOORS”, “ROCK CONCERTS,” “ROCKS EPIC FAIL”, “LEFTY’s HIT’s”, “DREAM WEAVER”, “VIDTOONS” and “TA’s LIVE MUSIC CHANNELS”. Yes, the categories are all capitalized as such as well. The SE section is where VidTime houses a weird mixture of sports, news and seemingly unrelated content. Interestingly, there is an Ace Stream section under the “Entertainment” section here.

The “VT TV” section is where you’ll find a rather long list of live TV channels covering US, Canadian, British and some other international channels. The other menu sections contain a wide grab bag of video content. VidTime is also one of the only Kodi video streaming addons that include music streaming options as well. Its music selection is fairly extensive as well, so you’ll like find some music you enjoy.

VidTime does, however, suffer from some rather noticeable flaws. The first and probably worst of these is the overall organization. VidTime is nothing short of messy. It’s not impossible to find the content you’re looking for, but the addon’s creator put in very little effort to make a clean, organized layout. It may seem unfair to compare VidTime’s layout to, say, Phoenix or Good Fellas, but keep in mind that these addons offer similar services. Thankfully, VidTime makes up for its significant layout shortcoming by scraping a lot of good, working streams.

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