UFC Finest Addon for Kodi – How to Install Guide


The UFC Finest Kodi addon is fine indeed.  Actually, it’s one of the best MMA addons out there right now.  There’s a ton of content in the UFC Finest catalogue.  Plus, it’s all fairly well organized and up-to-date.

One of the best things about this addon is that the developer (@DetectiveKodi) seems to really care about it.  He’s active on Twitter and regularly posts MMA related content news and updates.

The only type of content you won’t find in the UFC Finest catalogue is numbered fights (aka pay-per-view fights).  UFC 1 through 17 are listed under UFC Retro, but I couldn’t find any of the more recent fights.  Also, the addition of a search bar would be a nice addition for users looking for a specific matchup or fighter.

As always, be sure to make sure that you’re not breaking any local copyright laws before you download and use UFC Finest.


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Quick Installation Steps (for Kodi Pros)

  1. Use File manager to add https://kodicommunity.com/comrepo/zips/ as a file source.
  2. Install the repository via SettingsAddons Install from zip file → zips → repository.communityrepo.zip.
  3. Install the addon via SettingsAddons Install from repository → The Community Repository → Video Addons → UFC Finest

Step-by-Step Instructions (for Kodi Beginners)

1.  Navigate to System → File manager.


2.  Click Add source.


3.  Click None.


4.  Type in https://kodicommunity.com/comrepo/zips/ and then click Done.


5.  Click the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source, type zips and then click OK.


6.  Go back to your home screen, then navigate to System → Settings and click Add-ons.


7.  Click Install from zip file.


8.  Click zips.


9.  Select repository.communityrepo.zip.


10.  You’ll see a notification after the repository has finished loading.  After you see the popup notification appear, go back to your home screen, then navigate to System → Settings and select Addons again.


11.  Select Install from Repository.


12.  Select The Community Repository.


13.  Select Video addons.


14.  Select UFC Finest.


15.  Click Install.  When the installation finishes, click Open.


Kodi Addon Review: UFC Finest by DetectiveKodi

Overall, UFC Finest is a strong contender for the MMA related addon championship.  The archived content is absolutely killer.  There’s literally thousands of hours of content in the UFC catalogue and all the links seem to work.  I was even able to find a match that happened just a few days ago.

During the test, I was happy to find a menu that was (for the most part) arranged in a logical way.  Competing sports related addons are often poorly built and very hard to navigate.

This addon’s only weakness is its lack of working live feed links.  Live feeds are hard to find and tend to get shut down quickly, so it’s understandable that the creator decided to not even bother with them.

If you don’t mind waiting until the next day to watch a match (or if all you want to do is watch old episodes of UFC Fight Night or Ultimate Fighter) this is the UFC addon for you.


  • Lots of old and new UFC related content, all in one place.  UFC Finest has all the UFC Fight Night and Ultimate Fighter episodes.  There’s also some cool compilation videos plus a bunch of UFC movies and documentaries.
  • There’s links to other MMA leagues, too.  In addition to UFC you get content from VFC, with UFC Finest you get Glory Super Fights, WSOF and several other MMA fight leagues.
  • You can contact the developer via Twitter.   @DetectiveKodi seems very active on Twitter.  He responds quickly to requests, dead link reports and questions.
  • It’s fairly well organized (for a sports addon).  Some parts of the addon are confusing, but for the most part it’s fairly easy to find the MMA content you’re looking for.
  • The video quality is solid.  You most likely won’t run into any streaming problems while viewing content with this addon.
  • Official UFC Youtube content.  DetectiveKodi has organized the UFC’s YouTube content by fighter, so that you can quickly check it out from inside of the UFC Finest addon.
  • Except for the UFC TV section, all the links work.  The archived content seems solid, but you may have trouble using the links listed under UCF TV.


  • If you want to watch a live fight, you’re better off downloading Phoenix or SportsDevil.  Most of Phoenix is currently a mess, but the One242415 section is pretty good.
  • There’s no ability to search.  To find something specific, you have to dig through the menus and scroll around.
  • There are plenty of episodes of UFC Ultimate Fighter and UFC Fight Night, but no links to pay-per-view UFC fights.
UFC Finest Addon for Kodi – How to Install Guide