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As of this past week, the popular TVAddons website — and their large Fusion super repository — is down. Many of the addons that TVAddons had collected, including Exodus and Phoenix, also took a hit. These recent events have left many Kodi users scrambling to find some great alternatives to the popular and highly-relied-upon TVAddons. The good news is that TVAddons is not the only place to locate many great addons. Here are several TVAddons replacement repositories that will get you some (but not all) of the addons you’re looking for.

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It's also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

IPVanish and Kodi


Turn Off Automatic Updates Immediately

The current addon-apocalypse means that any addon could go down at any time. If you are trying to find new addons, you might find that the repositories are dead, the repository folders are empty, or that that the individual addon links for download don’t work.

You may also find that some of your current addons have suddenly stopped working. If that’s the case, you may not be able to resurrect some of your currently-defunct addons. However, you can make an effort in preventing some of your currently working addons from biting the dust, at least for a time, by turning off automatic updates

Turning off automatic updates on your Kodi addons will prevent the developers from being able to “kill” the addon directly. Addons work by using scripts to scrape the web for content and then display that content in Kodi. Once you’ve downloaded the addon, the program will work until it gets an update in a manner that changes the code. Some developers are changing the code to effectively kill the addon, which will occur through the update process.

To turn off automatic updates, do the following:

  • From your Kodi home screen, click on the gear symbol

  • Click on System Settings

settings alternative for TVAddons repo for Kodi

  • Scroll down to Addons

settings TV addons alternatives

  • Click on Updates, and change it to either “Never check for updates” or “Notify, but don’t install updates”

TVAddons replacement

Your Kodi addons should now no longer update automatically, which should allow you to continue using your addons in their current states. There are a few other ways for the developers to kill addons, but updating the code to make them inert is typically the most effective method to do so. This will stave off the end of usage for your addon, but it will likely eventually stop working due to the many streams it pulls from going down. One thing that keeps any addon relevant is the regular updates to working stream sources. As long as your addon is not getting those updates, eventually it will be “broken”.

Alternative for TVAddons Repo for Kodi

Although TVAddons as a site had a lot of good uses, its most popular use was its extensive addon library. The Fusion (later renamed Indigo) super repository had hundreds of addons available for download, and offered up easy access to many smaller developer repositories as well. Now that TVAddons is unavailable, there are some good alternative super-repositories, as well as a few smaller repositories that can give you access to some of the same addons found in the TV Addons repo.



SuperRepo has for a long time been the largest contender to TVAddons based on size. SuperRepo has well over 2,000 Kodi addons in its folders, from video addons (over 1,700) to program addons (over 400) to music addons (nearly 200). The SuperRepo repository is also a great place to download individual developer repositories, of which there are over 400 listed in the SuperRepo folders.

At this time of writing, SuperRepo is still up and running. If this is not the case at some point in the future, we will update this article to let you know. Alternatively, if you find that this repository goes down before we do, please let us know in the comments.

To install the SuperRepo repository, do the following:

  • From your Kodi home page, click on the gear symbol on the top left

  • Click on File Manager


  • Select Add Source

tvaddons alternatives

  • Where it says <None>, enter the following address:


  • Enter a name, such as SuperRepo


  • Return to your Kodi home screen
  • Hover over Addons on the left, and then click on My Addons at the top


  • Click on the ellipses (…) at the top
  • Select Install from zip
  • Locate your SuperRepo folder and click on it (should be on the first screen of Install from zip)
  • Click on your current Kodi version (such as Krypton, which is version 17)
  • Click on Repositories
  • Click on superrepo
  • Click on the superrepo zip file: (each “x” stands for a version number, which could change)
  • You will get a message on the top right when the installation is complete

To check to see if your SuperRepo installed correctly, hit Escape once, and then click on Install from repository. The SuperRepo repository should be listed here, ready for you to explore.

Inside SuperRepo

Once installed, SuperRepo is extremely easy to navigate. There’s a long list of programs and services you can download, although the primary section you’ll likely be interested in is Video Addons.


As you can see from the image, there are over 1,700 video addons listed here from a large number of independent developers. Popular addons you can find here include:

  • cCloud TV
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Castaway
  • MaverickTV
  • Premiumize Cloud
  • Skynet

You can also find a lot of addons to try and play around with, making SuperRepo one of the best TVAddons replacements you’re going to find.

Simply Caz Repo

smiply caz

As far as what offers, the Simply Caz Repo is not nearly as large as SuperRepo. The real draw for Simply Caz is that it has a fair number of addons that have been taken down and are now unavailable in other places, such as the popular Exodus addon.

The fact that the Simply Caz Repo has Exodus makes it one you’re going to want. Combine that with a few other hard-to-find addons, and you’ll find Simply Caz to be a really good repository to have in your arsenal.

Simply Caz was up and running when we published this article. Please let us know in the comments if you find it’s not working.

To install the Simply Caz Repo, do the following:

  • From your Kodi home page, click on the gear symbol at the top left
  • Click on File manager
  • Select Add source
  • Click where you see <Noneand enter the following address:

smiply caz

  • Give it a name at the bottom, such as Simple Caz, then click OK

smiply caz

  • Return to your Kodi home screen
  • Hover over Addons on the right and then click on My Addons on the top of the screen
  • Click on the ellipses (…) at the top
  • Click on Install from zip
  • Find your Simply Caz FTP connection and click on it

smiply caz

  • Click on Repository (Click Here)

smiply caz

  • Click on the zip file: to install

smiply caz

You will get a confirmation that your repository has successfully installed on the top right of the screen.

You can now hit Escape once, and find your repository by clicking on Install from repository.

Inside Simply Caz Repo

smiply caz

As stated, the Simply Caz Repo does not have a lot of addons in it, but it does have some that are hard to find now that TVAddons is down. There are over 200 addons available in Simply Caz, which, again, pales in comparison to SuperRepo, but which is still a large amount.

Ares Wizard and Ares Project

ares wizard

The Ares Wizard shares a lot in common with the TVAddons Indigo tool, in that it does far more than just offering an easy way to download and install addons. With the Ares Wizard tool, you can get addons and adjust your Kodi settings through the program. The number of addons is limited here (only around 50), but the tool itself is a useful replacement for the TVAddons Indigo tool for installing addons faster.

If you found that Ares is down when you came to this article, please let us know in the comments.

To install the Ares Wizard tool, do the following:

  • Click here to install the repository zip file
  • From your Kodi home screen, hover over Addons, then click on My Addons at the top
  • Click on Install from zip
  • Locate where you saved your file,, and click on it

ares project

You will get a successful installation message on the top right of the screen. Once you’ve received the installation message, locate the Ares Project repository from your Install from repository folder.

To install the Ares Wizard tool, simply go to your Ares Project repository, click on Program Addons, and then select Ares Wizard to install.

Note that you don’t need the Ares Wizard tool to get the addons. You can get them directly from the Ares Project Video Addons section. However, the tool makes installing faster, as well as opens up the option for other features, such as maintenance tools.

Click here to access our thorough review of the Ares Wizard tool.

Official Kodi Addon Repository

official repo

The Official Kodi addon repository is a great place for any addons that are officially approved by the XBMC Foundation. There’s no special installation process needed here. You can find the official repo by going to your Install from repository folder using the same instructions from the other install guides above.

The official repo is a good place to check out some of the first-party addons. That includes the Crunchyroll and Funimation addons, both of which have excellent quality. Funimation, in particular, appears to have put some good work into their Kodi addon.

Why Do I Need a TVAddons Replacement?

There are a lot of names for what has happened amongst the Kodi community in the past week. Kodipocalypse, for example, might be a fitting name. Regardless of what you call it, many addons, repositories, and addon developers are shutting down in response to a recent lawsuit filed against the developer of ZemTV and against TVAddons.

TorrentFreak broke the news about the lawsuit, which also appeared to be news to the crew at TVAddons, who did not know about the lawsuit when contacted for comments by TorrentFreak. TVAddons quickly took down its repository, but the site remained active for several days afterward until that too went down.

In the TVAddons forums, representatives for the site responded to comments about issues with addons from the repository by explaining that their servers were having issues, but that they would soon be back up. Before the entire site went down, some have reported that TVAddons reps mentioned the site undergoing some server changes.

Although TVAddons has been quiet on whether or not their repository and their site disappearing is directly related to the lawsuit, the current belief in the community is that they did, in fact, shut their doors as a response.

The fallout of this has been that individuals trying to install addons that were only available through TVAddons were met with error messages. Although news of the shutdown for both the TVAddons repo and the site have been for several days, many newcomers who do not regularly keep abreast of the community are still discovering the issue, and making inquiring posts on Kodi communities such as /r/Addons4Kodi.

The fallout has struck the developer community particularly hard. Many popular addon developers decided to take their addons offline as well as a self-protective measure. If you are finding some addons simply won’t  install, or addons that you once used are now showing up empty or sending error messages, it is likely that the addon developer has taken that addon or their individual repository down.

Will TVAddons Come Back?

Although the TVAddons crew has stated they will be back, the community is waiting to see what will happen. There is no current word on a timeframe for the TVAddons to return, if at all. Until then, we suggest you utilize the /r/Addons4Kodi forum, which is typically one of the best sources for news on issues occurring with Kodi. We also recommend keeping up with TorrentFreak, which has a solid ear to the ground on Kodi-related topics and is often the first to break the news on major Kodi developments.

  • David Munro

    Let’s imagine I’m using an add on at version 2.1.4 and have switched off automatic updates as you suggest. I then install the Super Repo as above and find the same add on at version 2.1.5.
    How do I know this newer version won’t “kill” the addon directly?

    • Sam Cook

      The newer version might well kill the addon directly, as that newer version might be designed to do that. As long as you have the auto-updates turned off, your Kodi shouldn’t update to the newer version found in Super Repo.

  • Beau Carrillo

    Hey guys im stuck on your tut…. im at the step “To check to see if your SuperRepo installed correctly, hit Escape once, and then click on Install from repository. The SuperRepo repository should be listed here, ready for you to explore.”

    I hit escape and im taken back to the main menu of kodi where add-ons is selected and im presented with “you do not have any add-ons installed yet.”
    I can enter the add-on browser from here, where i can then choose to install from repository, so i figure the tutorial wants me here to check if repo installed properly. From here i can choose super repo all repositories or category video because i was trying all these options to see if i could troubleshoot my problem myself. If i go into super repo repositories, then add on repository i can see the repositories and other options but if i click on any of these and proceed to install them, i dont get any new add ons im still stuck with that quote i provided regarding having no addons installed. I can go into the super repo repos though here thinking maybe thats where you guys want me but that just allows me to update since ive already installed, idk what to do at this point, or where to go…. help?

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Beau!

      It sounds like you have SuperRepo installed properly, you’ll just need to go to the right place. In SuperRepo, instead of going to “repos”, go to “Video Addons”. That’s where you’ll find the different addons.

      • Beau Carrillo

        Thanks i think i kinda figured it out after trying to solve the whole tvaddons being gone issue for me… took me only 4 hours of research and trying rofl.
        Anyways idk where i got turned around anymore but i found the easiest way for me was to click on addons which i didnt know you could do, then add the add ons from within there, and like u said using video add ons and the proper repo to install from. Sad thing is everything i was looking for and was told to try didnt work. Some kinda “dependancy” error when trying to download or install, i tried like 4-5 different recommended repos to install em from and they were all pretty much giving me that issue. I didnt just try random add ons tho as i only wanna risk trying recommended ones i find online.
        Most importantly tho thank you for the reply and willingness to help 🙂

        • Sam Cook

          No problem! That’s what we’re here for!

  • Laylee Daa

    Simply caz says updating sever for high traffic will be back soon.

    • Sam Cook

      I can’t say I’m surprised by that. They’ve been hit with sudden popularity after TVAddons went down. They probably didn’t anticipate the load on the server they’d be getting.

    • Sam Cook

      Not too surprising, I think. They got hit with sudden popularity after TVAddons went down.

  • Diane Helen

    Quick question 3 parts.

    1. If I have the fusion repo already installed and exodus working fine can I assume I’m ok for now, would turning off updates add a layer of protection.

    2. I set up a fire stick w/Kodi & fusion (for exodus) for a friend in Canada. She uses a US ip via vpn. Should I walk her thru turning off updates as well? Would it make a difference?

    3. I was able to find/set up add on for USTVNOW on 2 devices , but does not seem to be listed in 2 other devices. Would this be a timeframe issue related to tvaddons/fusion no longer unavailable , and is there any other source to get USTVNOW?

    Thanks for any info


    • Sam Cook

      Hi Diane,

      Yes, turning off auto updates may be a good idea. Exodus has also moved to some other repositories, but until things get a bit more clear, if your Exodus still works, keep those autoupdates off and use it til you need to change things.

      Definitely walk your friend through the process of turning off updates. It will make a difference.

      If you’re not finding USTVNow, it’s because of Fusion going down. You can find a recent version of USTVNow here:

      • Diane Helen

        Thanks for your info. I’ll have my friend turn off updates. Tried to get ustv now from your link. I dl’d the zip file, went in on Kodi to install from zip, navigated to external file (download) then chose the file I dl’d and got this error. Any thoughts?

        • Sam Cook

          Hi Diane,

          I actually can’t explain why the download didn’t work for you. I deleted my own USTVNow file and downloaded and installed this one successfully. What version of Kodi are you using, by the way?

      • Diane Helen

        Ok update. The github link for ustvnow does NOT work. But it is there and works fine from the Super Repo. If anyone wants the link info let me know.YAY got my ustvnow on all sticks & devices. Happy Oldie Techie 😆

        • Sam Cook

          Thanks Diane! Appreciate you adding in. I’ll keep the Github link active, since it was still working for me (so it might still work for others) but others should be able to find it in SuperRepo.

          • Diane Helen

            Any guess why I was getting a dependency error from the github zip file?

          • Sam Cook

            Of that, I have no clue! I couldn’t replicate the error myself, so the only thing I can think is that there was a dependency missing from the Github file that was needed, but that is within SuperRepo. I’d have to figure out which dependency it is, but I’m not quite sure. The image you posted showed a missing script, which is odd, but *shrug*. The scripts can be a bit complex sometimes.

          • Diane Helen

            Interesting. Could it be that you had that dependency preloaded from some Thing else to explain why yours did not respond with that error?

          • Sam Cook

            That may indeed be the case. I’m going to see if I can locate that specific script on my computer and delete it, then try to reinstall USTVnow and see if I can replicate your error

          • Diane Helen

            It’s amazing how much time we spend , not letting tech win. For me, I’m old and retired after a career in tech. But how do you younger techies find the time while trying to have a life and a job? Us out here really love and appreciate all your info 😉

          • Sam Cook

            Thanks! My secret is that I do this kind of stuff for a living 😀

          • Diane Helen

            Nice gig 😎. I was a contract tech trainer, from the early days of web development, as well as tech doc writer. Now I just sit home and play with stuff and do free tech support for clueless friends & family

          • Sam Cook

            Sounds like a great retirement! FYI, I can’t for the life of me find this script on my computer. If it shows up, I’ll let you know. For now, thanks for adding to the conversation and support for others!

          • Diane Helen

            Hmm ok now ya got me in techQuest mode. Wonder if a factory reset on an Android device would have a different result attempting the github file. Maybe it’s some dependency conflict with previous add on install to kodi. I have a virgin old tab3, gonna try. Oh goodie a techQuest project.;-)

          • Diane Helen

            So update on techQuest. Had a never used Kodi G7e phone. Set up Kodi , no other add ons. Tried the github ustvnow zip, got the same dependency error. Mystery continues.

          • Sam Cook

            Super weird! I’m going to try the github download agian tomorrow and see what happens

          • Diane Helen

            Also tried the old tab3 , but it is in jellybean so had to use Kodi Jarvis, all kinds if issues & errors on that. Gave up.

  • Cathy Whitehead Rivera

    Super Repo installed, but can’t get into it when I click on it it just takes me to the tools page where I can install or uninstall it. Any suggestions thank you

    • AlexMunkachy

      Hi Cathy, which part of Super Repo did you install? The main Super Repo contains a ton of different subrepos. If you want video addons, you have to install the big Super Repo and then install the “Super Repo Category Video” subrepo. Also make sure that the repo you install matches whatever version of Kodi you’re using. If you’ve got the latest version of Kodi, you’ll need to get “Super Repo Category Video [Krypton][v7]”

      • Cathy Whitehead Rivera

        Thank you..

    • Sam Cook

      That usually only happens if you’re right clicking. A left click shouldn’t be doing that

  • pavan nama

    I am trying to find Aftershock addon. Since fusion is down for now can anyone please suggest any other repository from where I can install Aftershock or Similar Addons. I am looking for desi(Indian) content addons. Thanks in advance.

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Pavan,

      Try cCloud or TV on Desi Zone.

  • Scartownlady

    I followed the instructions, and when I went into the “Install from repository” and clicked on the Super Repo Repositories [Krypton][v78] I get the error “Could not connect to repository”

    Any help available on how I can get this to work?

  • David van der Linden

    anyone know why Icefilms never works anymore? I read somewhere that the link in icefils only work via VPN..can anyone confirm?

    • Sam Cook

      Hi David,

      Can you look and tell me which version of Icefilms you’re using?

  • Melissa Hawthorne

    I tried SuperRepo and nothing worked. It all said failed to install. I am still using tvaddons with no problem. Only thing I have found that will work.