Rio 2016 Olympics on Kodi – Live Streaming Guide


The Olympics only occur once every four years, and there’s no way you’re going to want to miss the summer games. To make sure of this, we’ve put together a guide for how you can watch the Rio 2016 Olympics on Kodi. For those who refuse to miss anything, the opening ceremony starts at 11 PM UTC on August 5th, while the very first games, women’s soccer, aired today, August 3rd. The games will stretch from August 5th to August 15th, a full 10 days of international athletic competitions. It’s modern warfare through sport. Diplomacy in the form of physical and mental prowess. And sweat.


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You’re probably wondering how you can best utilize Kodi to watch the summer Olympics. First, some harsh realities about Rio 2016. There are a lot of sports occurring every year. This year’s games are no different. Here is a total list of every sport you can expect to see for 2016 (no pretense here, credit goes directly to Wikipedia):

Complete List of 2016 Olympic Sports

NBCUniversal: The Most Extensive Coverage

In partnership with the official Rio 2016 organization and NBC, Google provides one of the clearest schedules for all of the games as well. You can find that here. Unfortunately, so many games packed into such a short window means that many games are occurring simultaneously. Unless you plan on having multiple devices loaded up, or multiple browser windows going at the same time, you’re not going to be able to watch everything at once.

Thankfully, every country out there basically giving us these games for free. So, there’s little worry about having to pay anyone for viewing. NBC is showing every game for free, and utilizing their vast network of channels to do so. According to NBC, they will be dedicating almost every channel they have to provide full, 24-hour coverage of the games. Here is the relevant information, directly from NBC:

Rio 2016 will be the most live Olympics ever, find out how to catch all the action.

The networks and digital platforms of NBCUniversal will present an unprecedented 6,755 hours of programming for the Games of the XXXI Olympiad from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this August.

That’s roughly 356 hours of coverage per day (19 days). If the 6,755 hours ran on one channel, it would take 281 days to finish airing.

The Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics will air on Friday, August 5, on NBC. Competition begins two days earlier on Wednesday, August 3, with women’s soccer on NBCSN and USA Network, and the Games conclude on Sunday, August 21, with the Closing Ceremony on NBC.
Watch the 2016 Rio Olympics on TV

With Rio just one hour ahead of the Eastern Time zone, the 2016 Summer Games will be the most live Olympics ever. NBCU will present 2,084 hours of Olympic programming ross 11 networks. Find out what to expect this summer from each network by clicking below.

Broadcast networks:
TELEMUNDO (Spanish language)

Cable channels:
Golf Channel
NBC Sports Network (NBCSN)
NBC UNIVERSO (Spanish language)
USA Network
Specialty channels (Basketball and Soccer)

Coverage Outside of the U.S.

However, that’s just the U.S. Here is a short list of major networks also showing the Olympics outside of the U.S. If you’d like us to add your country to the list, we’ll research it and get back to you:


  • Use the CBC. They’re covering everything, much like NBC.


  • BBC One and Four are only broadcasting 550 hours live. You’ll need to use online means for all others. This mean BBC Sport online. BBC is making the rest available on mobile as well as on Red Button+.
  • Sky, Freesat, and Virgin Media are all going to be options for you.


  • The major networks ARD, ZDF will be hosting the games. ZDF has an app you can download to watch the games, but will also be live streaming them on the web.


  • Channel 7. But you’re probably going to want to use a VPN or DNS proxy to get content from one of the U.S. Or U.K. networks.

Kodi Add-ons For Content Access

With all of these options already available on your legally available websites and services, it’s quite likely you won’t even need to use Kodi at all. However, you can still use Kodi as a sort of one-stop-shop to get access to the different sites much faster. If you don’t have any programs for live sports viewing at all, we suggest heading over to our Top 5 Live Sports Addons for Kodi page. For all others, here’s a quick breakdown on what you can find on some of the most popular apps currently available:


Phoenix already has a lot of sports options. However, you can find access to the streaming options we mentioned through Phoenix. Specifically, try their Phoenix Sports section for a whole host of sports channels and streams, including all of the NBCUniversal streams. Phoenix is going to be a big hit for Rio 2016 streaming

NBC Universal Kodi Rio 2016


iLiVE has a good range of sports options. The add-on conveniently lists the language of the channels as well. You’ll find Rio 2016 games here easily.

iLive Rio 2016

Good Fellas

Good Fellas has always been a good source for live TV and pre-recording streaming. But add-on developers are Rio-ready. With evidence:

Goodfellas Rio 2016

NBC Sports Extra

NBC Sports Live Extra is available through the official Kodi repo. Most of the content there is pre-recorded, but expect to find a lot of good live streams during the Rio 2016 games.

NBC Sports Extra Kodi Rio 2016


A good all-around option, ZemTV is a good bet for getting great streams for Rio 2016. Even better, it connects to UKTVNow’s sports streams, so you don’t even have to get UKTVNow separately.

ZemTV Rio 2016

Some others are recommending NaviX and Sports Mix. We don’t recommend these for this purpose. NaviX is unnecessarily complicated, while Sports Mix simply does not have much to offer.