Lucky TV Kodi Addon – How to Install Guide


Lucky TV is a video add-on from Mucky Duck.  It came out at the end of August, but it already has tons of great content.  Probably the best thing about Lucky TV is that it has a “latest updates” section that allows you to quickly find new TV show episodes to watch.  I also liked the way the TV shows are organized into many different types of genres.


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Follow the steps below to install Lucky TV, or scroll down to the end of this article for an in-depth review.

Quick Installation Steps (for Kodi Pros)

  1. Use File manager to add as a file source.
  2. Install the MD repository via SettingsAdd-ons Install from zip file→ 
  3. Install the Lucky TV add-on via SettingsAdd-onsInstall from repository

Step-by-Step Instructions (for Kodi Beginners)

If you’ve never installed a Kodi add-on before, check out the step-by-step installation guide below.

  1.  From the home screen, navigate to File manager.  


  1.  Click Add source.


  1.  Click <None>.


  1.  Type in and then click Done.


  1.  Type MD underneath Enter a name for this media source.


  1.  Click to go back to the home screen.  Then, navigate to SystemSettings.


  1.  Click Add-ons.  


  1.  Click Install from zip file.


  1.  Click MD, then


  1.  Go back to the home screen again.  Then navigate to SystemSettings.


  1.  Click Add-ons.


  1.  Click Install from repository.  


  1.  Click Mucky Ducks Repo, then Video add-ons.


  1.  Click Lucky TV.


  1.  Click Install.  


  1.  Wait for the add-on to download and install.  When it’s finished, the word enabled will appear to the right of LUCKY TV.


  1.  To access the add-on, double click LUCKY TV and click Open.


Kodi Add-on Review: Lucky TV by Mucky Duck

The thing I liked the most about Lucky TV is the way that the content is organized.  In particular, I liked how there are many genres to choose from.  The “hot series” category contains brand new shows you can check out.  Currently, the first episode of Cinemax’s excellent new pulp fiction inspired thriller Quarry can be found there along with a few other new shows.

Up-to-Date Content

Unlike many video add-ons, Lucky TV catalogue seems very up-to-date.  If you want to watch the latest episodes of your favorite shows, just check the “latest updates” menu.  I was able to find the very latest episode of Halt and Catch Fire this way.  The episode I watched came out just a few days ago, so my guess is that the content gets updated on a regular basis.

The Menus Are a Bit Sluggish

Like most video add-ons for Kodi that I’ve seen, the menus seem to be a bit slow.  But once the video begins to play, the performance is surprisingly good.  If your connection is slow, you get a standard definition stream.  I haven’t tried Lucky TV on a fast internet connection yet, but I assume you can get HD playback if your connection can handle it.

It would be nice if you could save the streaming videos for later from within Kodi, but I have yet to see a Kodi video add-on that does that.  Overall, Lucky TV is a solid add-on with lots of content and a nice interface.


  • The “latest updates” section.  I like this section because it allows you to quickly check out brand new TV shows.
  • Optimized streaming.  Using a slow WiFi connection at a McDonalds, I was still able to view decent quality SD streams.
  • Browse by genre or enter a search term.  With Lucky TV, you get tons of different genres to choose from including some unusual ones like Reality TV, War, News, Documentary and Game Show.
  • Tons of content.  Lucky TV currently has even more content than Bobby’s Cartoons and TBD Toons.
  • Intuitive interface.  Like most Kodi video plug-ins, pictures of the show you’ve selected appear to the right of the list.
  • No dead links.  I tested out about 10 different shows and all the links I tried worked.
  • Totally free to use, no ads.  I didn’t see any watermarks on the content, either.


  • Like many Kodi video add-ons, the menus take a while to load.  You’ll have to wait a few seconds for large menus to come up.
  • The animation category contains adult cartoons mixed in with cartoons for kids.  If Mucky Duck created a “kids” section, he could compete with other kids oriented add-ons like Bobby’s Cartoons and TBD Toons.