Best Kodi Addons for Foreign and International Films – Top 5


American films are great. But outside of the U.S., there are plenty of films and film industries breaking boundaries and exploring interesting topics. With such a heavy focus on the American film industry, finding great international films can sometimes be a bit challenging. Thankfully, Kodi is a great source for international film lovers.

We scoured through a long list of Kodi addons across a wide range of different languages, in an attempt to figure out which ones offered the best international films. Our initial criteria was pretty straightforward. We first looked for addons that:

  • Connect to a decently large library of international films (100+)
  • Have genre-based categorization.
  • Have working links.

After several hours of searching, it became apparent that addons with dedicated international film categories are few and far between. The only one we located with a dedicated list, Movies4ME, did not have functional links. We then broadened the search to include a fourth criteria:

  • Must have a search function.

Because locating functional addons with dedicated international film sections proved fruitless, expanding the criteria to include a search function allowed for a lot of really great addons to make the list. This highlighted the fact that few Kodi addons have dedicated international film categories. Those that we found did have dedicated international film categories were full of dead links.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for great international films, you’re mostly limited to one of two sources: addons specific to one country’s films, or commonly popular addons that do carry foreign films, but do not have them specifically categorized as such.  Even then, we found that the easiest to locate addons for region-specific foreign films with the fewest dead links were addons accessing Bollywood films and French films.

Below you’ll find a short list of addons we think are great options for international films in general, with one specifically for Bollywood and one for French films. As a final section, we include a few addons that seemed fairly complete but that we could not get to work for us. We encourage others to test them out and if you find fixes, please let us know.

Did we miss an addon that should have made the list? Should we expand or change our search criteria? Are you finding any of the add-ons we listed challenging to work with? We’ll be happy to make changes and updates!


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Find an Exodus install guide here.

Exodus on Kodi

Exodus has a fairly large library of movies in general, to include international films. However, as the addon does not have a dedicated international films section or any section that is specific to country of origin, you’re going to have to search by name. Positively, Exodus does have a “Language” category. Ostensibly, this will net you a few foreign films if you’re hoping to find something you’ve never heard of it. However, these categories are mostly filled with American films in foreign languages.


Find an install guide for SALTS here.

SALTS international films

Like Exodus, SALTS has a complete library of international films. The search function will get you to what you’re looking for, but you’ll need to do outside research first if you want to discover any new or interesting international films.


Download the Specto repository here.

Specto Kodi

Specto has a good library and a good layout. Like SALTS and Exodus, use the search bar and outside research to find good international films. The real benefit of Specto? We found a good bit of HD options for newer movies.


Find an install guide for India4Movie here.

India4Movie Kodi

India4Movie is a great source for anyone looking for international films specific to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.


Download the vStream repository here.

vStream International movies

This addon is a breath of fresh air or anyone who loves French films. The addon connects to several different sites, all with good categorization for the films. While a fair number of the films listed are just American films in French, a large percentage of them are native French films.

Additional Possibilities (Large Libraries, Dead Links)

These add-ons looked useful, but we could not get them to work for us. If you can find a fix, please let us know and we’ll update the list with a fix for others.


Download the FilmPalast repository here.

This addon has a very well organized list of German films. We couldn’t get any films to load on it, however.


Download the OnlineFilme repository here.

Similar to FilmPalast. Categorized almost exactly the same way as well. Equally promising, but with the same load errors for videos.


Download the Movies4ME repository here.

As we stated earlier, this addon was very promising in that it has a dedicated international films section divided into countries. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get any videos to load here.


Find an install guide for ZemTV here.

To be fair to ZemTV, the addon works. However, their list of Bollywood movies is wholly uncategorized, as to be downright messy. You can certainly find a lot of good stuff here, you’ll just be sifting through long lists.

Suggestions for Finding New International Films

Because the majority of the addons we listed require you to know what you’re searching for, we’d like to provide a few suggestions to find good foreign films.

  • IMDB. This one is kind of obvious, but even IMDB makes you click through a few screens before you can browse by country. Here’s a link to their page for doing so: IMDB Country Browsing.
  • Because of course there’s a website dedicated solely to foreign films.
  • A simple Google search. Also fairly obvious, but this should net good results as long as you look for a specific genre or year, such as “Best foreign films of 2015” or “Best foreign sci-fi films”.