KissCartoon Kodi Addon – How to Install KissCartoon on Kodi


The Kodi multimedia platform is one of the best ways to watch all of the cartoons you love. KissCartoon is among the most popular cartoon add-ons available for Kodi. KissCartoon gives access to popular American cartoons, Japanese anime and many other shows from different countries. If you’ve been looking for how to install the KissCartoon addon, we’ve provided a quick and easy guide to get it installed on Kodi, followed by a detailed add-on walkthrough.


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How to Install Kiss Cartoons on Kodi

  • Click here to download the latest Kiss Cartoon plugin version
  • After the download is complete, go to  System > Add-ons

System addons

  • From that screen, click on Install from zip file

Install from zip

  • Locate where you saved your plugin
  • Click on the plugin to install KissCartoon
  • Return to the home screen to locate KissCartoon under Videos > Add-ons

KissCartoon Kodi Addon

KissCartoon Kodi Addon Review

The KissCartoon Kodi add-on comes from the same developer as the more popular KissAnime add-on. This may leave you wondering what the key differences are between the two add-ons. This one comes down to coverage.

KissAnime is a high-functioning add-on, but it’s limited primarily to anime. While it’s popular and its library is undoubtedly huge (we’ve listed it as one of your go-to options for getting anime on Kodi), you’re not going to find much in the way of American or other non-Japanese animations on KissAnime.

KissCartoon Kodi add-on

KissCartoon has several sections: a very long A-Z cartoon list, ongoing shows, completed shows, genre breakdown, and separate lists for newest, latest updated and popular cartoons. You can also search the add-on for different cartoons, view your history and search for movies. Additionally, you can create a list of your favorite shows to make browsing easier.

Interesting to this add-on is the inclusion of an “Upcoming Cartoons” list. As it stands, this feature appears to have nothing in it, but it’s a unique inclusion nonetheless that could prove particularly useful for those interesting in new and upcoming cartoon series.

There are a large number of cartoon genres available through KissCartoon Kodi add-on. Indeed, the genre breakdown is pretty much indistinguishable from that of a regular TV show viewing add-on like Exodus. Each category also comes with subcategories, furthering breaking down the options into alphabetical, most popular, latest update and new cartoonAlmost every genre category has something in it, even the somewhat obscure musical category, which, quite frankly, is far from the most popular cartoon genre choice.

KissCartoon Kodi Addon

Lists will occasionally have the word “movie” highlighted in red when the word is in the title. This is probably coding to indicate when something is a movie, but really should be applied to all movies instead of just this one situation.

In all, KissCartoon is a great add-on with thousands of great cartoons. While it mostly covers American cartoons, you can find a large number of non-American works in the mix, including some anime. However, this can easily be your go-to option if you have kids. There are a large number of popular, family-friendly movies and cartoons to choose from through the KissCartoon Kodi add-on.