SALTS Kodi Addon (Stream All The Sources) – How to Install

SALTS Kodi addon

Thinking of streaming movies? If you don’t have SALTS, you’re going to want it, today. A fair number of Kodi addons are more of a backup option. SALTS is not one of them. The SALTS (Stream All The Sources) Kodi addon operates as a multi-scrapper, pouring over a large list of sites in order to bring in streams. This is one addon you are not going to want to pass up on, and indeed may end up becoming your favorite. We dig into the details of this addon at the bottom. First, follow the quick and easy installation guide below.


Before you begin using the Kodi addon SALTS, we suggest using VPN. A VPN will keep your Kodi streaming habits private, and help get around any geo-blocking that might be stopping you from accessing certain addons.

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Getting SALTS installed is a pretty painless ordeal. To install SALTS, follow these steps:

  • Go to “Programs”.
  • Select  “Addon Installer”.
  • Click on “Featured Addons”.
  • Click and install “SALTS”.

Kodi Addon SALTS

  • You’ll find the SALTS addon under “Videos> Add-ons”.

SALTS hd streaming addons

SALTS HD video addons

Kodi Addon SALTS – Benefits and Limitations

SALTS is, unquestionably, one of the kings on the block when it comes to Kodi streaming addons. The Kodi addon SALTS brings out the best that streaming addons have to offer, without making things overly complicated. The biggest benefit, of course, is in the name: All The Sources. Of course, SALTS doesn’t actually connect to all of the sources. But it gets close enough to that to make it free from false advertising. And, thankfully, SALTS does not make you sift through the streaming links all by yourself. The auto-resolver will cycle through the streams at a very fast rate, pulling up the first, best one that it can find, streaming it right away. You can change the resolver priorities as well. That way, if you want nothing less than high-quality streams, or want SALTS to prioritize those first, that’s what you can get. Alternatively, if you’re working with a slow connection and need something low quality and less bandwidth-hungry, you can set that up as well.

SALTS streams both TV shows and movies. Each is separated into its own main category. The TV category has further submenus, including ones for trending shows, popular programs, anticipated and recently updated shows and more. Thankfully, there is a genres section (perfect for finding new, topical shows) and a calendar for current shows and even show premiers. You can also perform a search, save your searches and review previous searches. The movies section is equally well-organized, including a “Movie Mosts” section, covering a variety of “mosts”, such as most played (week and month), most watched and most collected. In both areas, you can find streams of varying qualities, including those coming in HD. You can also see how many views each streaming link has had.

Limitations are hard to find with this addon, which is part of why it is an overwhelmingly popular addition to anyone’s addon library. However, one note is that some of the genres provided have nothing in them. Only a small negative, but it does happen. Chances are, you’ll find yourself coming back to SALTS over and over.