How to Install Indigo (Fusion) Installer on Kodi – Indigo Installation Guide


There are hundreds of Kodi addons out there. Discovering and installing them can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. Not so if you have the Indigo addon. For anyone who might be a bit confused: Indigo is the new name of what was once known as the Fusion Installer. If you landed on this page after clicking a link on another article for Fusion, these two addons are one and the same. 

This Kodi program connects you directly to the TVAddons super repository, taking a lot of steps out of the addon installation process. We mention this program quite often here at AddonHQ as the fastest method to install most of the popular addons, and we mean it! Here’s how to install Indigo on Kodi, and how to make the most of this excellent program


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How to Add Indigo to Kodi

To add the Indigo addon to Kodi, do the following:

  • From you home page, go to System

Fusion installer installation how to install fusion installer kodi addon

  • Click on File manager in the drop down menu
  • Click on Add source at the bottom

Fusion installer installation

Fusion installer installation

  • At the bottom, enter a name. We suggest “fusion” as this is the closest match to what you’re trying to do with it

Fusion installer installation

  • Return to your home screen, and then return to System.
  • Go to Settings

Fusion installer installation

  • Click on Add-ons

Fusion installer installation

  • Select Install from zip

Fusion installer installation

  • Locate the file you named (in our case, it’s named “fusion”)
  • Once there, click on start-here

Fusion installer installation

  • To install the Fusion Installer, click on (the version numbers change, so imagine that these numbers might be anything)


  • You can find this addon in your Programs section from the home screen



Benefits to Using Indigo

As mentioned earlier, the Indigo makes adding Kodi addons far easier. The normal process for adding Kodi addons (the “old school” way) follows the same process as we just used to install Indigo. As you’ll note, this process is not entirely difficult, but it can take a long time. Meanwhile, here’s the process for installing an addon with Indigo:

  • Let’s say we want to install a new sports addon, but we don’t know which one. We can open up Indigo, and go to SEARCH:


  • And then just type in “Sports”:


  • We now have several options:


  • Let’s try to install “Big South Sports”. We click on it:


  • Then we click “Install”:


  • And it’s done:


The whole process takes under 1 minute, while the process for finding new addons, their installation links, and installing them the “old school” way can take a long time. Indigo is one addon any regular Kodi user needs in their life. While not every addon is available through it, most of the popular addons are. This is a great place to start, and for beginners, should probably be one of the first addons you add before you download any others.

  • Peter Yamamoto

    You have but that did not work for me. I had to use

    But otherwise your steps/screenshots were more helpful than the indigo page. Thank you.

    • Sam C.

      Thanks for the comment and the heads up! We fixed the link for future visitors. Glad you found it helpful!