Channel PEAR Kodi Addon – How to Install Channel PEAR on Kodi

channel pear

The Channel PEAR Kodi addon is one you’ll want if you love great live TV and more options than you might know what to do with. However, this addon’s installation process is anything but typical. We’re here to walk you through the process, as well as provide you with a general overview of what you’ll find after you starting using this addon. Even Kodi vets might find some valuable information just below!


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How to Install Channel PEAR on Kodi

Your Channel PEAR installation process is going to require two major steps. First:

To install Channel PEAR on Kodi:

  • Click here to download the repository zip file
  • From your Kodi home screen, click on System > Settings

Kodi Channel PEAR how to install channel pear kodi addon

  • Click on Add-ons
  • Click on Install from zip

channel pear

  • Find your downloaded file,
  • You will now find the addon from your home screen under Videos > Add-ons

When you go into Channel PEAR, you’ll notice that it’s empty. It is only filled once you pair your Kodi add-on with a Channel PEAR library. To do this, do the following:

channel pear

  • Confirm your account through the emailed activation code
  • Browse the Media DB. With the free account, you can add five channels
  • Add any channels you want

channel pear

  • Click on Library
  • Click on pair device

channel pear

  • Click on Kodi
  • Copy and paste the URL

channel pair

  • Go back into Kodi, then right click on the Channel PEAR icon and open up the Add-on settings

channel pear

  • In the settings, click to add your URL, and paste it in
  • If your Channel PEAR addon is open, you may need to close it and reopen it to get your library to show up

channel pear

Channel PEAR Benefits and Limitations

Channel PEAR’s biggest limitation is glaringly obvious here. The addon takes a much longer time to get installed and working than most other Kodi addons. Even Kodi veterans may need a bit of a walkthrough on getting the addon fully setup and ready for action. Furthermore, the addon’s biggest draw — lots of live channels — is also its biggest limitation. While you can add five excellent, very functional channels through the addon, you can only add five — unless you pay up.

The big question around Channel PEAR, then, is whether the cost is worth it. All of that really depends on how much you like or dislike the service. Channel PEAR works well, but the streams are not always in high quality or HD. And Channel PEAR utilizes scraped sources that many other addons that are free actually scrape from as well. The bigger draw to Channel PEAR is not so much in the shows that it offers, but in how many more devices that it works with. If you have a Kodi box, Plex, a Roku or a Fire TV, this is a potentially good addon. It really does have a lot of options and a lot of live channels.

Channel PEAR offers channels from across the world. Although most are US and UK, there are a large number of Channels streaming in Spanish and Arabic speaking countries. In all, Channel PEAR offers up over 1,000 live streaming streamings as well as over 140 MRSS feeds.  Most Kodi live streaming addons don’t have nearly as many live streams, so this does make Channel PEAR a draw, and for some, worth the price of a premium account which, at a 12-month plan, is actually less than $2 a month. Given that you can also see which streams are working or not working through the website, Channel Pear makes itself a fairly desirable addon, even for those who typically shy away from paid accounts.