Castaway Kodi Addon — How to Install Guide

Castaway kodi addon

Kodi addon Castaway is making waves in the community and with good reason. It has undoubtedly become one of the single best options for sports streaming available anywhere. Whether it be college football, English premier league, or a variety of other sports, Castaway is the solution.


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*Note: This addon is more easily located in the Addon Installer from TVAddons. To install the Fusion Installer, go to System > File Manager > and in “None,” enter ““. This will save the Fusion Installer. Then, go to System > Settings > Add-ons > Install from zip > Fusion > Start Here > and select the following: “”. Addon Installer is now installed!

To install Castaway, do the following:

  • Go to “Programs”.

Castaway install

  • Go to “Addon Installer”.

Castaway install

  • Click on “Search by Addon/Author”.
  • Type in “Castaway”.

Castaway install

  • Click on the Castaway icon.
  • Click on “Install Castaway”. You will receive a confirmation when the addon has completely installed.

Castaway install

Castaway: Benefits and Limitations

Castaway is a bit of an interesting addon for Kodi users. This is because it is one of few addons that provides two key features: live TV and P2P streaming options. Additionally, Castaway provides an excellent source for a fair amount of sports streaming. We’ve written about how this addon is useful for both Premier League streaming and catching some good U.S. College Football action. Castaway is actually a great choice for doing both. However, for Premier League, you’ll find it a better option for watching pre-recorded games.

Under the Live Sports section, Castaway simply gives you a list of all the sites it’s scraping from. We’ve tested all of them and found, for the most part, working links. Several of the scraped sites have the sports categorized; some do not. You’ll generally find the more common ones in each section: football, baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer. They’re all there, with a good amount of options for each one. If you’re looking to just explore a bit and find something new or something you didn’t know you wanted to watch, Castaway is a good option for that. Positively, it does not focus on sports from any one country as well. You can find a good mixture of sports from across the globe.

The Live TV section has a similar setup: a list of scraped sites, each offering different channels. These, too work well from our testing. You’ll find a very large variety, as each scraped site has a lot of similarities, but many differences in what channels they offer. Some even have the channels categorized by country, which is perfect for those looking for regionally-specific channels. As we’ve done a fair amount of research on addons for different purposes, we can attest to the fact that finding addons with good, working, regionally-categorized channels is not easy.

Castaway is perhaps limited most in that some of the sites are not well categorized. This fault, of course, lies with the scraped sites, not the addon designer. However, the “Sport on Demand” section could almost certainly use more sports. For Castaway, it’s also important to note that many of the streams are torrents. While this topic has been discussed in some detail both here on AddonHQ and on many Kodi forums, it’s an important reminder that some Kodi addons, such as Castaway, do exist in the legal gray area, and can at times cross over into the copyright infringement zone.


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