Best Kodi Bollywood Addons for Desi, Hindi and Punjabi Films – Top 8

kodi bollywood addons

Although American and British films are universally popular, Bollywood is still big in and outside of India. Many Kodi Bollywood addons are designed just for Bollywood fans, streaming great content direct from India. And while some of the best Bollywood addons for Kodi are Bollywood-specific, there are many well-known addons that cover the gamut from Bollywood to Hollywood. This list should help get you started on your search for everything Bollywood has to offer.

To ensure effectiveness, we tested each of these addons. Our process involved first installing each add-on to ensure that the installation process works. We then went through each addon’s menus to determine whether they contained either a Bollywood section or language section that connected to Bollywood films. Finally, we tested several links from different sections to ensure that there are functional links streaming from the addon. While we cannot guarantee that every link works, we can verify that a) the add-on installation process is effective (as evidenced by the screencaps), b) the addons have a good selection of Bollywood films and c) that there are at least some links that work via the random selection process.

We also tested over two dozen addons through the search process. This includes some of the more popular addons, some addons others were suggesting, and many addons we decided to give a try that others weren’t suggesting in other locations. Hopefully, this list helps connect you to great Bollywood content!

*Note: All tutorials are done in the Confluence skin with 16.1 Jarvis. Additionally, you may see some zip files identified as ““. The “x.x.x” is to indicate that the version number may have changed between now and the time you are reading this guide.

Please read our disclaimer before proceeding.


We highly recommend using a VPN while watching Bollywood addons on Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish – a complete privacy solution for Kodi users.

IPVanish and Kodi


Exodus German

Click here to access our Exodus installation guide.

Exodus is popular for a lot of reasons. It scrapes a lot of different streams, helping solve the headache-inducing struggle to find a working stream. But it’s also well-organized, even for Bollywood films. While Exodus does not have a dedicated “Bollywood” section, you can find Hindi, Desi and Punjabi films by searching by language. The language search will also bring up non-Bollywood films in the mix. However, the selection of Bollywood films is extremely large, especially for new movies.

*If you find that Exodus is not working, we suggest you still download this addon. We recommend you head to our Exodus page and scroll to the bottom to learn more about why it may not be working right now. Long story short, the addon recently changed hands and is going through redevelopment. Expect the content to return soon. 



Click here to access our ZemTV installation guide. 

There are really no two ways about it. ZemTV is well-designed Kodi Bollywood Addon. It’s one of those rare occasions where you can find American films and television on the add-on, but where the emphasis is placed on Hindi, Desi and Punjabi entertainment. There are both live TV channels and films available through the add-on. You likely won’t exhaust everything this add-on has to offer anytime soon. A slight improvement to this add-on would be adding in a much more categorized movies section. As it is, the movies are simply listed, and not even in alphabetical order. The organization is somewhat of a mess, which detracts significantly from the add-on given it has some really good options.

Updates: 3/8/2017

ZemTV used to be better than it is, however. With recent testing, we’ve found that many of the movie sections are not much to write home about, with empty folders for those sections. However, you should still make this your go-to addon if you’re looking to get live TV. ZemTV has an absolutely huge selection of TV channels coming out of India, with fast loading and very good streaming quality.


Click here to access our Aftershock installation guide.

There’s a good chance that Aftershock will have the TV shows and movies that your’re looking for. The two addons are extremely similar, particularly in offering films with a large number of Indo-European and Austro-Asiatic languages. The options here are pretty solid, so you’ll likely want to add Aftershock to your list if you’ve already included the others on your install list. Movies are well organized here. This goes a long way to aid those who don’t exactly know what they’re looking for. However, the categories could use a little more refinement. Still, this is a boon for the add-on that should help make it a go-to option for anyone hoping to find new stuff.


ApaliMarathi is not quite Bollywood, but offers some very interesting movie selections from this unique region of India. The movie quality is good as are the stream options. Be warned that subtitles are not common here. If you don’t speak the language but you’re hoping to check out some of the great movie choices here, you might be a bit left out or lost. Alternatively, if you’re ok watching movies without understanding the language and context, feel free. For Marathi speakers: enjoy!

Note: This add-on is located in the Fusion Installer TVADDONS.AG.

To install this addon, do the following:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Head to “Add-ons”.
  • Click on “Install from zip file”.
  • Click on your Fusion zip file.
  • Go to “Kodi-repos”.

Marathi install screencap

  • Click on “International”.
  • Click on “”.

Marathi install screencap

  • Return to the “Add-ons” screen.
  • Click on “Install from repository”.
  • Find your “Penguine” repository.

Marathi install screencap

  • In the repo, go to “Video add-ons”. Then, install ApaliMarathi.
  • You will find your file from your home screen, and then “Videos > Add-ons”.

Marathi films


MalabarTalkies is not particularly well known among English speakers. This is because the add-on is almost 100% for Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and Malayalam speakers. You’ll find a very wide range of options in this add-on, with a good amount of interesting features. The worship songs and worship messages sections are incredibly unique. This has one of the largest libraries we’ve seen among the others on our list, making it a wholly valuable addition for anyone looking for good options.

 Additional notes on MalabarTalkies:

We found a lot of dead links. However, we also found a lot of movies that require you to log in to an external website. You’ll need to sign up for an account with those websites in this case, although the account sign up is free. Once you do so, you can log into those accounts through the addon, at which point your access to the streams should work.

To install this add-on, follow this process:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click on “Add-ons”.
  • Go to”Install from zip file”.
  • Head to your Fusion zip file.
  • Go to “xbmc-repos”.

MalabarTalkies install screecap

  • Go to “International”.
  • Scroll down until you find “”. Install it.
  • Return to the “Add-ons” screen.
  • Head to “Install from repository”.
  • Find the new repo: “gbzygil’s XBMC Addons”.

MalabarTalkies install screecap

  • Go through “Video Add-ons” and find “MalabarTalkies”. Install it.

MalabarTalkies install screecap

MalabarTalkies install screecap Kodi bollywood addons

TV on Desi Zone

You’ll find TV on Desi Zone gives a good variety of options for both casual Bollywood fans and hardcore fans alike. This is one of the few addons that takes special care to give you a more interesting viewing experience with the visual layout. The result is a somewhat slower loading time, however, so this add-on is not quite the right option for the impatient. However, you get a lot of great options here. Although this Kodi Bollywood addon focuses primarily on tv shows and channels (with a smattering of American ones thrown in), you’ll be able to find movies littered throughout by trying out a few channels. This isn’t the best option you can find, but it’s a great one, and it’s nice to see an addon with a different take on the user interface.

To install this add-on, follow these instructions:

  • Head over to your home screen.
  • Click on the “System” tab.

Kodi bollywood addons

  • Select “Add-ons”.
  • Click on “Install from zip file”.
  • Find your Fusion file.
  • Go to “xmbc-repos”.

Tv on desi screencap

  • Click on “International”.
  • Scroll down until you get to “”.
  • Head back to the “Settings > Add-ons” screen.
  • Find “aj add-ons”. In the “Video add-ons” section of the repo, find “TV on Desi Zone”.

Tv on desi install screencap

tv on desi install screencap

  • You can find the addon in your “Videos > Add-ons” section.

TV on Desi Zone screencap

TV on Desi Zone Screencap


Phoenix Best Kodi Addons

Click here to access our Phoenix installation guide.

For the most part, Phoenix is not going yo be your best resource for Bollywood. However, Phoenix does do one thing that will get you there: providing access to ZemTV. You will find a link to ZemTV content from the “Phoenix TV” section in this addon. That said, you may actually find other Bollywood films scattered throughout this addon. You can check out our more detailed explanation regarding the different sections in Phoenix to find out where and why that might be the case. Simply put, Phoenix has a lot of content listed, and it’s quite often not very well organized.

cCloud TV

ccloud tv

Click here to access out cCloud TV Installation Guide.

If you’re looking for some excellent streaming TV content, you’ll find it with cCloud TV. This addon primarily focuses on American content but does host a good amount of Hindi channels as well. We even found some good Punjabi channels in the mix. Some of the channels coming out of India are also in English, so don’t be fooled by seeing “Enbglish” next to the channel name. Instead, when looking through the international section, just check the country of origin. You’ll see “IN” in parenthesis next to the channel name. Those channels are all coming out of India. We counted how many channels are offered through here, and it’s over 85. This makes cCloud TV one of the best sources for potential Bollywood films and TV shows.

Finding Great Bollywood Content: A Few Tips

Finding Bollywood content on Kodi is not always the most intuitive, especially with so many addons focusing specifically on American and British content. However, we can provide a few tips for those who really need to find great content, and are generally frustrated with the search process.

1. Download super-repositories and look for regional-specific repos.

This was the primary method we used in our search process. Looking for regional repositories helps the search process. But you won’t find those specific repos easily unless you download a few super-repositories first. We found the Fusion (now Indigo) super repository extremely helpful for this, as it provides sections just for different region and languages. You may also find success with SuperRepo, which houses many of the same repositories and addons that Fusion does.

2. Be willing to try and fail.

Quite honestly, a lot of addons really don’t work. If you’re doing your own investigation, be prepared to spend a lot of time with addons that don’t do anything. They may look good and seem like they carry great content, but be sure to check links — and be ready for a lot of disappointment. Many addons are either created and never actually finished, or simply poorly designed in the first place. Furthermore, many addons may have been working at one point, but do not work now. Content streams come and go, so addons that are not updated regularly are far more likely to have an endless stream of dead links.

3. Share great addons if you find them.

Found a few great addons that do work and provide great Bollywood content? Don’t see it on our list? Please do let us know! We’ll post it up here on the site so that others can find out about it! There are far more addons out there waiting to be discovered, so feel free to share any good finds that you may come across. We’ll be happy to test them and add them to our list.

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