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Best Movies on Kodi

At its heart, Kodi (formerly XBMC) is all about movies. Old, new, popular, obscure; all movies are welcome here. The original program (Xbox Media Player) had three basic functions: picture display, music file playback and video file playback. These days, many Kodi users are looking for the best video addons for movies, especially given how many addons exist just fo that purpose.

While Kodi’s ability to stream content did not come until some time later, movie and television streaming are the primary reason most people use Kodi. But with seemingly endless numbers of streaming addons, should you turn to if you want to maximize quality, functionality, and number of movies available? This guide will walk you through what we believe are the best Kodi addons for movie streaming around.

For each addon below, we’ve given a short review on what you’ll find inside the add-on. Some add-ons can be found in the same repositories. Some have unique features, such as HD streaming or live streaming. Still, others have movie libraries that put most other Kodi movie streaming options to shame. All of the add-ons on our list are valuable in their own right, so you’ll likely want to consider each one (or download all of them, if you see fit!)

Please read our disclaimer before proceeding.


We highly recommend using a VPN while streaming through Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish – a complete privacy solution for Kodi users.

IPVanish and Kodi


Exodus kodi

Click here to access our Exodus installation guide.

New add-on Exodus is quickly gaining popularity. The UI is clean and downright pretty, while the library is vast. Exodus also has some of the most interesting categories you’ll find. This includes the ability to search movies based on rating, Oscar winners, whether it was a Box Office hit and based on what other users are watching. Many of the films are provided with multiple streaming domains, and some are available in HD. Exodus is an extremely well put together add-on, and one you’re going to want to make your primary movie source.

*Note: Exodus is located in the Fusion Installer from TVADDONS. If you already have the Fusion Installer, simply install the “” file to install “Exodus Repository”. Exodus is the only video add-on in this repo.

*Additional Note: Exodus recently changed hands from its original developer. It is also getting a revamp from its new owner, TVADDONS. If you want to know more about what went down, scroll to the bottom of our Exodus installation guide, or click on the last section in the table of content. 


Phoenix Anime Kodi addons

Click here to access our Phoenix installation guide.

Phoenix has a bit of everything you’re looking for. That said, it’s options for all of those things are not watered down. Indeed, its movie offerings are pretty much second to none. While Phoenix connects to several different domains in order to stream its content, it provides the always-helpful search feature that allows you to dig into all of the domains it connects to. The search is fast as well, pulling up your search for “Blade” in no time. And yes, all three “Blade” movies are there. You’re welcome.

*Note: Phoenix is located in the Addon Repository. If you already have this repository installed, you can locate it by going to Settings > Add-ons > Install from repository > Addon Repository. kodi

Click here to access our installation guide.

Movies4K has been at this for quite a long time. A Kodi add-on was a bit of an obvious step for the site. You’ll be able to connect directly to’s vast library of movie options, one that only continues to grow with time. The library is extremely well organized by genre, including one for Bollywood movies. Many of the films are even offered in both English and German translations. Yes, that includes Blade I, II and Trinity. There is a helpful search option so you can get directly to what you’re looking for. has been at this for a while, and their streams are almost always up, working, and streaming in very good quality.

*Note: is located in the Fusion Installer from TVADDONS. If you already have the Fusion Installer, simply install the “” file to install “nickat’s Kodi Add-on Repository”. is the only video add-on in this repo.


Z-Pack is a perfect source for those who want to catch up on the latest movies. Z-pack doesn’t have the largest library, nor does it have a lot of old movie choices. However, its new movie options are well placed and stream in very good quality. The add-on could be helped by improving its features, but it could hardly be considering as overly lacking ether. This will easily be one of your go-to options for the latest movies and can exist as a solid back-up in case one of your other add-ons goes down.

The real downside with this addon is that you may run into a lot of dead links for the movies that are listed in its database. It also does not use an auto resolver, so instead of having the addon search through the streams and fetch the first working one for you, you’ll have to do the laborious task of clicking through the list of streaming sites yourself. As many of them are dead links, this can be tiresome. Additionally, the ones that do work may require yout to login to an external site before you can get them to play through Kodi.

*Note: Z-Pack is located in the Addon Repository. If you already have this repository installed, you can locate it by going to Settings > Add-ons > Install from repository > Addon Repository.

  • Go to the “System” tab from your Kodi main screen.


  • Go to “File manager”.
  • Go to “Add source”.



  • Return to “System”.


  • Go to “Add-ons”.


  • Go to “.zip file”.
  • Go to “Fusion”.


  • Go to “xmbc-repos”.


  • Scroll down to locate “”.


  • Go back to Settings>Add-ons and go to “install from repository”.
  • Select “ Add-on Repository.


  • Go to “Video add-ons”.
  • Scroll down. Select “Z-Pack”. Install the program.

Z-Pack Kodi

  • You can now find the program in your Videos>Add-ons section.

Z-Pack Kodi


Velocity movie streaming

Click here to access our Velocity installation guide.

Velocity lives up to its name by helping you speed through the search process and find some pretty excellent movie streaming. The categorization is clean and easy to navigate. Each movie provides a healthy, long list of sources to stream, with many of them identified by whether they stream in in low, medium or high quality. Locating HD streams is not easy, however, as most are not actually labeled as such. Finally, Velocity also has Trakt integration, for those who enjoy using that service. One key benefit to Velocity is that it provides you with a view count for many streams. This should give you a good idea as to which streams are more likely to work.

SALTS (Stream All the Sources)

SALTS movie streaming

Click here to access our SALTS installation guide.

SALTS is a direct competitor and analog for Exodus. Both are multi-scrappers that will search through sometimes over 50 sources to connect you to a stream. SALTS is great for pretty much any movie type you’re looking for. However, to get higher quality movie streams, you’ll want to change the settings so that SALTS prioritizes high-quality streams first.


Click here to access our Specto installation guide.

Specto is a popular Exodus fork that offers you almost the exact same experience. You’ll notice the distinct similarities in the layout and in what movies and TV shows are offered through the addon. The key difference between the two is the developer(s) behind it, nad how frequently it gets updated to fix broken links. Specto gets updated rather frequently, often as frequently as once a month. You may experience a lag time when trying to install the plugin, but don’t worry. Just make sure you’re installing the latest plugin, and it will load into your Kodi eventually.



Don’t let the name fool you. Bob is actually a high-quality addon for streaming a good amount of content. Bob features a somewhat confusing list of options on its home screen, but you’ll find good benefit from the “New Releases” section, which has a good number of new release and well-received films. It’s worth an install, as the category names hide some pretty good lists. “Valhalla”, for example, opens up a menu for a lot of good movie options and interesting browsing categories, such as browsing by actor name, anthology, horror, DC vs Marvel, crime, and even a Danish collection (if you’re into that).

To install Bob on onto Kodi, do the following:

  • Head over to System
  • Click on File manager
  • At the bottom, click on Add source
  • Where it says None, type in the following:

bob noobsandnerds

  • At the bottom of this screen, type in a name, such as noobsandnerds or Bob
  • Return to System and then go to Addons
  • Click on Install from zip
  • Find the noobsandnerds (or whatever you called it) folder
  • Click to install the repository


  • Return to the System > Addons screen and click on Install from repository
  • Locate your noobandnerds Repository


  • Click on Video add-ons, and then Bob
  • Click Install


Click here to access our Quasar installation guide.

Please note: before downloading Quasar, understand that this is a torrenting addon. Torrenting comes with notable risks, especially when streaming questionable content. If you do decide to make Quasar an option, make sure that you download and use a VPN before doing so. We do not condone the use of Quasar, so please read our disclaimer before making Quasar your go-to addon.

Quasar has a large library, and you’ll find that it also fetches movie information directly from IMDB. The layout is altogether attractive, and the stream quality and speed with which you’ll get access to streams is top notch. Quasar is perhaps the most popular torrenting addon around, and you’ll find that it is regularly updated as well. As it uses torrents to stream, you won’t have the issue with dead links that you might find with other streaming addons.

BBC iPlayer (iPlayer WWW)

BBC iplayer

Click here to access our BBC iPlayer installation guide. 

It’s probably easy to forget that the BBC iPlayer also gives access to a good amount of movie content as well. And this is not just UK movies, either. The library is far more limited here, so you’ll have to work with what you’ve got on this one, but the quality is top-notch, while you won’t deal with the same streaming issues you might with some of the third-partry addons. This is indeed one of the few addons listed here that’s listed in the Official Kodi Repository.

Note: In order to access content from the BBC iPlayer, you will need to be a UK resident with a valid TV License. If you are a UK resident with a valid TV license currently living or traveling outside of the UK, you can still access the iPlayer’s content, although you will need a VPN in order to do so.

cCloud TV

ccloud tv

Click here to access our cCloud TV installation guide.

You read that right: cCloud TV! This addon is for more than just live TV. In fact, you’ll find a video-on-demand section within this addon, as well as a section just for streaming TV movie channels from across the globe. Furthermore, we’ve found that streams load almost instantly in most cases, although the quality may be a bit questionable at times. Nevertheless, this is a good one to turn to if you want to find some good English movies and a great place to turn if you’re looking to get into international movies.

You’re not going to get all of the new release movies with this one, however. We include is because of the quality of the streams and the depth of the content outside of new films. If you’re looking for the newest from Hollywood, you’ll need one of the others on the list.

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    The instructions for installing Bob are bullshit. There is no “Add-Ons” section under “System”

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    Adons don’t want to work on my edge 7,what can I do?

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Albert!

      They should work on your Edge 7 as normal, as it’s running a newer version of Android. In what way are they not working?