Best Kodi Addons for Documentaries – How to Watch Documentaries on Kodi


Kodi is an excellent platform for watching all kinds of media. While media like anime, cartoons and your general hit movies and tv shows are always popular on Kodi, documentary fans will also find the platform to be a great place. Kodi has a wide variety of addons designed specifically for documentaries. Below, we’ll show you how to find the best Kodi addons for documentaries. We also provide a short breakdown on what kind of documentaries you can find in each of these addons, as well as a few additional options that you might find highly useful.

Before you proceed

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Best Kodi Addons for Documentaries


Youtube addon best documentary addons for kodi

Admittedly, this one may seem like a bit of a cop-out. However, YouTube remains one of the best sources for documentaries available, well, pretty much anywhere. If you installed Kodi as a build, chances are you already have this one installed. However, if you downloaded a barebones version of Kodi, you can actually install this one quite easily. Just follow the simple steps below:

  • From your Kodi home screen, click on Videos > Addons

Kodi addons

  • Click on Get more. This will open the Official Kodi Addon Repo, but will also list all addons from any repos you have installed

Kodi addons

  • Scroll down until you locate YouTube

Youtube addon

  • Click to install
  • You will now find YouTube under your Videos > Addons

Youtube Overview

You’ll find the YouTube addon has a pared down set of features from the regular website. You can sign in if you have a YouTube or Google account, as well view popular videos, browse channels, watch live video and perform more general searches. To find documentaries, we suggest going to “Search”, and then typing in “Documentaries” as a new search. From there, go to “Channels”. You’ll now be presented with a large list of documentary channels, broken down by an interesting array of categories to choose from. Like MEGA DISASTER DOCUMENTARIES? They’ve got you covered. Enjoy the History Channel? There’s a section just for their documentaries. You’ll likely have fun exploring the many options available here.

Why use YouTube on Kodi instead of just going to the website? Simple: ease of use. Running YouTube through Kodi cuts out a lot of the excess clutter, making the whole process faster and easier. You’ll lose part of the benefit that comes with some visuals and sharing features, but you’ll likely have a better viewing experience.

Brettus Documentaries

Brettus addon

Brettus Documentaries is one of the best, single-purpose Kodi addons around. Greeting users the friendly face of Darth Vader, this addon has a very large library and an interesting array of different documentary categories. Any documentary fan worth their salt who uses Kodi should make sure they have this addon installed.

To install this addon, do the following:

  • Click here to download the addon plugin
  • From your Kodi home screen, go to System

Brettus addon

  • Click on Add-ons
  • Click on Install from zip
  • Locate your file, Click to install

Brettus addon

  •     You will now find the addon under Videos > Add-ons from your home screen

Brettus Documentaries Overview

As mentioned earlier, Brettus Documentaries is filled with documentaries. In fact, it has almost every type of documentary you can imagine. There are 50 documentary categories housed in this addon, from the obscure (pancake art) to the common (World War 1 and World War 2). There’s even a section specifically just for the documentary Henry VIII and His Six Wives, as odd as that sounds.

Brettus addon

Perhaps the disappointing part of this addon is that there are many sections that have videos beyond just documentaries. You’ll find odd inclusions, such as music videos and spoof videos. However, you can sift through some of the unnecessary additions to find a lot of high-quality content.

Decado Documentary

This high-quality add-on has a good layout and a great list of excellent and sought-after documentaries. You’ll need to have the YouTube addon installed in order to really get this one to work, however, as it pulls many of its documentaries directly from YouTube. We’ll talk more about what’s under the hood for this addon after the install

To install this addon, do the following:

  • Click here to install MetalKettles Addon Repository
  • From your Kodi home screen, click on Settings
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Click on Install from zip

Decado documentaries

  • Locate and click on to install the repo


  • Return to the Settings > Addons screen
  • Click on Install from repository
  • Locate MetalKettles Addon Repository


  • Click on Video Add-ons
  • Click on Decado Documentaries and click Install
  • You will now find this addon under Videos > Addons from your Kodi home screen

Decado Documentary Overview


Decado Documentaries has a nice pleasant layout with very easy-to-understand categories. Unlike Brettus Documentary, there are no complicated, off-the-wall sections here. Also, within each section, you’ll find mostly full-length documentaries. Decado Documentaries focuses itself on providing only high-quality documentaries, so you may want to consider this a must-have addon if you’re a heady documentaries fan. With around 2 dozen categories and the option to find both the highest rated documentaries and the latest documentaries, you may end up making this your favorite addon.

Alternative Kodi Documentary Addons

While the above list covers the best sources for documentaries, you may find some high-quality documentaries in these following addons.

Stream All The Sources (SALTS)

SALTS best addons for kodi

Since SALTS is one of the best tv and film addons around, it should come as no surprise that SALTS also features a large array of documentaries. You can find documentaries in SALTS under Movies > Genres > Documentary. Unfortunately, you won’t find the same level of categorization as you will with the documentary-specific addons above here, but you will still find a small selection. And we do mean small. There are only 16 documentaries in this section, although they are of rather good quality.

Click here for our SALTS installation guide.


exodus documentaries

Does Exodus have documentaries? Yes! Does it make it easy for you to find them? No. Exodus has a lot of films, but it lacks a specific category for documentaries. There are documentaries within its large listings, they’re just not categorized separately. You’ll have to do a search to find specific documentaries, and even then, you may not find what you want. This is a source, but not one we highly recommend. However, we’re including it as Exodus is a bit too amazing of an addon not to include, even when it has a blaring weakness on this end.

Click here for our Exodus installation guide.

cCloud TV

cCloud TV

We’ve recommended cCloud TV for a lot of different purposes. We’re happy to also recommend it for anyone looking into great documentaries. cCloud TV has a section just for documentaries. As cCloud is more of a TV addon, note that there are no specific documentaries listed here. Instead, the addon provides a long list of different international channels that host documentaries. This provides a good opportunity for anyone looking for documentaries in different languages, or just want to watch a few good short documentary-style television programs on their spare time.

Click here for our cCloud TV installation guide.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

The BBC is world-renowned as a master in documentary filmmaking. You’ll find a large range of documentaries, for short made-for-tv documentary shows to full-length films. BBC iPlayer has far more under this category than most other options on our list as well, although you’re pretty much only limited to BBC-produced content. That said, if you’re a fan of the BBC and all of their content, you’re going to want to make this one a priority.

Note that the BBC iPlayer should only be used if you are a UK resident with a license. If you are traveling outside of the UK, you can still access the BBC iPlayer. Just read our helpful guide on how to access the BBC iPlayer outside of the UK.

Click here for our BBC iPlayer installation guide.

Say no to Documentary Storm

One often-referenced option what we discovered while researching was Documentary Storm. While this addon has received a good amount of praise from other sources, including installation guides, we found that we could not get it to load during our testing. If you’ve been able to get Documentary Storm to work, please comment below and let us know. We’ll check this addon again in the future and update our list accordingly should we find that it is working again.

  • Jonny Long

    I used to have problems with documentary storm but I’ve been using it everyday for the past month or two with no problem

    • Sam Cook

      Good to hear, Johnny! We’ll have to go back in and recheck Documentary Storm when this piece hits our regular update cycle.

    • Brenna Gordon

      How do I download it?