Phoenix Kodi Addon – How to Install Phoenix on Kodi

Phoenix Kodi Addon

Most of us know the legend behind the Phoenix. The legendary bird’s life cycle is marked by its death in flames and ashes, from which it rises again, renewed. So how does this relate to the Kodi add-on, Phoenix? Phoenix has had its share of problems in the past with functionality on a lot of different ends. Recently, however, it’s seemingly risen from the ashes into a much more successfully operational add-on. We’ve put together a small guide that will show you how to install the Phoenix Addon for Kodi and discuss some of the pros and cons of the addon as well.

In addition to its many movies and TV shows, many users are turning to Phoenix for its sports channels, and with good reason. There are a lot of them, and they work fairly well (now that the add-on has figured out some of its issues, that is). We’ll take a deeper dive into the add-on below. First, however, you’ll probably want to get this highly desirable add-on installed on your Kodi. Follow our simple guide just below. It’s a bit more extensive than some other Kodi add-ons, so you’ll want to make sure you follow each step if you’re unfamiliar with Kodi installations. For a longer guide on different Kodi add-ons that also sport, well, excellent sports options, you’ll find out longer Sports Add-ons guide extremely helpful.

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How to Install Phoenix on Kodi – A Video Guide

Before we get down to business, you may want to consider following along with the accompanying video guide to this article below. Everything you need to know from this article, compressed into under five minutes!

Phoenix Installation Guide

  • Go to the “System” tab from your Kodi main screen.


  • Go to “File manager”.
  • Go to “Add source”.



  • Return to “System”.


  • Go to “Add-ons”.


  • Go to “.zip file”.
  • Go to “Fusion”.


  • Go to “xbmc-repos”.


  • Scroll down to locate “”.


  • Go back to Settings>Add-ons and go to “install from repository”.
  • Select “ Add-on Repository.


  • Go to “Video add-ons”.


  • Scroll down. Select Phoenix. Install the program.


  • You can now find the program in your Videos>Add-ons section.


A Note on Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Many users might find themselves locked out of some content when using Phoenix. It can be frustrating. However, there is a solution. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are highly encrypted, private network connections that create a tunnel of sorts between your machine and the machine you’re connected to (in this case, the servers your streaming from). This can help solve a whole host of problems when it comes to streaming online. However, the another great reason to use them is for the encryption purposes. VPNs allow you to operate online without having to worry about having your identity revealed. We suggest IPVanish for this purpose. It’s a favorite among Kodi users and you’ll find it mentioned among a wide variety of media sources. It’s effective and feature-rich.

Phoenix: Benefits and Limitations

The Phoenix add-on is probably one of the best IPTV add-ons you’ll find. That’s saying a lot. There is currently a glut of these add-ons for Kodi, many of which are horrible ineffective in actually delivering content. As we mentioned above, like a phoenix from the ashes, Phoenix has arisen from a whole host of functionality issues to become an extremely effective add-on.

Perhaps the best thing about this add-on is its sports streaming options. Much like other live streaming add-ons, Phoenix gives access to some of the most popular channels from both the U.S. and the UK. This includes pretty much all of the Sky sports channels, sport-specific channels for U.S. sports (basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, etc.), BT Sports channels, PAC-12 sports channels and a wide range of other European and international options.

Outside of sports, however, Phoenix has far more streaming options than most other add-ons you’ll find and use. There are individuals sections specifically for popular TV shows (although this area is somewhat limited), popular movies and movie channels (Sky, HBO), and a rather extensive, although wholly unorganized, selection of live television streaming options. As a rare treat, the add-on even has an anime section which is more organized than almost every other section of the add-on. Ultimately, Phoenix connects users to different streaming sites, so what the add-on’s own site does not offer, other sites access through the interface may offer what you’re looking for.

The benefit of Phoenix is the vast number of options available, and the fact that these options actually work. There are any number of sports, movie and television add-ons that list the same networks Phoenix does, but for whom the connections just never seem to load. Phoenix has its act together and has the streaming figured out right.

The real negative you’ll find here is categorization. Phoenix could stand to have better categories for the different channel options. For example, splitting them geographically, or by sport, would be very helpful for users looking for very specific types of sports. Still, the live sports streaming available on here is hard to beat.

Phoenix is a fairly solid add-on, good for all kinds of streaming. Its sports streaming is solid, but so too are its other streaming options, which are many. We suggest adding this one to your collection.

Phoenix: A Deeper Dive

Phoenix Best Kodi Addons

Phoenix is one of a few Kodi addons that has been around for some time, with many Kodi users reaping the rewards from this high-quality plugin. As this addon falls under the ownership of, you’ll find that it gets updated pretty regularly. This is why the addon almost always works, although you may experience issues with dead or nonfunctional links, depending on where you’re looking.

Phoenix Menus

Let’s take a look at everything Phoenix has going on. First, the menus. When you open up the plugin, you’ll see the following list of menu options:

  • Phoenix TV
  • Phoenix Sports
  • Phoenix New Releases
  • Incredible TV
  • Cosmix
  • Crusader88
  • Diva’s Den
  • MorePower
  • One242415
  • The Alpha Reborn
  • Collections
  • Filmography
  • Documentary
  • Cartoon Crazy

While some of these are fairly obvious as to what they will contain, several menu options within the plugin are far less straightforward. Let’s start from the top and break down the offerings.

Phoenix TV

Phoenix TV is the live TV section for Phoenix. While opening this menu will give you some fairly easy-to-understand choices (Sports, Entertainment, TV Shows, Movies, Kids, Music, Radio, News), you might be a bit confused when you open the menu categories. For example, opening up the “Sports” section gives you the following options list:

  • Zodiac
  • Ace Streams Sports (Plexus)
  • Live Hockey
  • Sports Relays
  • Sports Demon LIVE
  • The Horse Racing Channel

What you’re seeing here are other services that provide different live TV channels. What Phoenix is doing here is linking you to other services and addons that have this content. ZEMTV, for example, has its own addon, but you can get to its content directly through Phoenix. Clicking on ZEMTV gives you to even more categories that link to other services, such as UKTVNow and

Ultimately, you have to go through different menus in order to get to the goods. In this case, that’s network stations such as BT Sport, Sky Sports, and MamaHD.

Our suggestions for this section (Sports only):

  • Ignore UKTVNow wherever you see it. We’ve yet to find reliable streams for that service when we see it.
  • The Sports Demon LIVE, Sports Replays, Live Hockey, and Zodiac sections do not load
  • THE ONE and ZEMTV offer the best options and work best here.

Phoenix Sports

This section has the same options you’ll find under the Phoenix Live TV “Sports” section. There is little reason to use this menu option unless you want to get to sports faster.

Phoenix New Releases

You’ll find a long list of the newest release movies that Phoenix links to. Each movie will have a few link options. However, you may find a fair number of options that simply don’t work here.

Our suggestions for this section: 

  • Try each link listed when you’re looking at the films.
  • Be conscious of potential copyrights issues when streaming content here.

Incredible TV

This odd section lists four more menu options when you click on it:

  • Incredible TV
  • Incredible Reality
  • Incredible Kids
  • Incredible but Ended
  • Incredible on Air

As the name suggests, this section is about hit TV shows that fit into the general categories provided above. The general “Incredible TV” section lists shows such as The 100 and 30 Rock, for example.

Our suggestions for this section:

  • Don’t bother with anything but the Incredible TV section. We tried; the other sections don’t load. However, the Incredible TV section does have over 500 shows listed, most from OTA networks.
  • Most shows have more than one link to try. Make sure to try the others if the first link doesn’t work.


This section does not load.


This section lists international and Arabic TV streams.

Under the International Channels section, you’ll find over 80 different countries listed (thankfully in alphabetical order, at that).

Under the Arabic Channels section, you’ll find menu options split into News, Education, Entertainment, General, Kids, Music, Sports, and Religion. You won’t find these split into different countries, however, although you may recognize specific Arabic channels if you are familiar with the region.

Our suggestions for this section:

  • Don’t bother with the International Channels section. The vast majority of these don’t load at all.
  • If you’re really into Arabic TV, this will a boon to you. You can find some other good options for Arabic TV stations in our guide to watching Arabic TV on Kodi.

Diva’s Den

phoenix diva's den

Are you a diva? Stop right here. This section (for better or worse) lists TV stations designed for women. The feminists in the crowd, we can hear you cringing. Just remember — don’t shoot the messenger.

This Phoenix section has the following options:

  • ACTRESS MOVIE RESUME (Filmography)
  • Hallmark
  • Lifetime
  • Everything Jane Austen
  • The Leading Ladies
  • Fitness
  • The Real Housewives
  • Total Diva’s
  • Mob Wives
  • The Wedding Collection
  • Women’s Online Magazines

Everything here works well. Essentially, you’re linked to good content fitting the title, including the Women’s Online Magazines section, which links to a large number of short videos from popular magazines.

Our suggestions for this section:

  • Don’t let the title dissuade you. If you’re looking for TV shows with strong female leads, you won’t find a better section than this one.
  • Don’t bother with the ACTRESS MOVIE RESUME section. At present, there’s nothing there


This section is a sloppy mess of different things. Box Sets of TV and movie series. Hot TV series. Classic 80s and 70s TV shows. 4K movies. MGM musicals. It’s really a grab-bag of content that’s totally unstructured and seemingly without a focus.

Our suggestions for this section:

  • We could not find any working menu items here.  It may not be worth the time and effort to try.


Like MorePower, this is a real mess of content. You have a lot of different things going on here, nothing particularly related. There’s sections for live TV from various sources, YouTube playlists, sports documentaries, live concerts, and a bunch more.

Our suggestions for this section:

  • Positively, things work here. All of the menu options we tried loaded up long lists of accessible content. Most content loaded up just fine.
  • If you find a link that doesn’t work, be sure to try another one.

The Alpha Reborn

This section does not load.


This section does not load.


This section does not load.


True to its name, this section presents users with a large number of documentaries — around 200, in fact. You’ll also find links to History Tube, Documentary Tube, the National Film Board of Canada and the Smithsonian Channel.

Our suggestions for this section:

  • This section is of dubious functionality. A good many of these films simply do not have working streams. While we did not try all over them we tried over a dozen and none loaded, even those hosted on Youtube.

Cartoon Crazy

phoenix cartoon crazy

It hardly gets more straightforward than this. Cartoons and anime. You’ll find the following sections here:

  • Cartoon Search
  • Cartoon Genres
  • Cartoon Latest
  • Cartoon Popular
  • Anime Search
  • Anime Genres
  • Anime Latest

These categories are thankfully straightforward as well.

Our suggestions for this section:

  • A good many of the cartoons don’t have all of the episodes. If you’re looking to watch shows start to finish, you may want to try a different addon for cartoons.
  • Links here work pretty well, so you may just be satisfied.
  • The anime section here is surprisingly well developed.