Exodus Kodi Addon – How to Install Exodus on Kodi

Exodus best addons for kodi

If you’re looking for a Kodi add-on to stream unlimited free movies and TV shows, you’ve found it in Exodus. Exodus grants you access a varied library of online streaming sources to bring you the latest movies and TV shows straight to Kodi. It is the most reliable and complete Kodi video streaming add-on by a country mile. It doesn’t compromise either speed or variety, and offers a selection of the most recent TV shows and movies. This tutorial was made to show you how to install the Exodus Addon for Kodi, step by step. Let’s jump in!

Please read our disclaimer before proceeding.


We highly recommend using a VPN to keep your Kodi streaming habits private, and to help get around any geo-blocking that might be stopping you from accessing certain addons.

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Exodus Installation Walkthrough:

1. Open Kodi, navigate to the “System” menu. Hover on “System” and click on “File Manager”

2. Click on “Add Source” then select “None”

3. A pop-up window will emerge. Type http://fusion.tvaddons.ag and select Done.

4. In the text box below, type “Fusion” then select Done.

5. Select OK, then navigate back home.

6. Click on the “System” menu, then select “Add-ons”

7. Select “Install from zip file”

8. Select “Fusion” then choose “start-here”

9. Select “plugin.program.addoninstaller-x.x.x.zip” (at the top of the page)

10. Wait for add-on enabled notification. If installation fails, go back to Step 6 and repeat.

11. Open Kodi and open up the “Programs” menu.

12. Select “Add-on installer”

13. Select “Featured Add-ons”


14. Select “Exodus”

15. Click on “Install Exodus” and confirm when prompted by a pop-up window

16. Wait until the “Success!” pop-up window appears

17. Navigate home, then to the Videos menu, and select “Add-ons”


Enjoy your new streaming add-on, Exodus!

Protecting your Anonymity while using Exodus

Kodi and Exodus are not without faults. On their own, they are efficient and effective, but as they operate within the framework of the Internet, there pressing privacy concerns. Internet service providers (ISPs) have access to all of the data that leaves and enters your home internet server, including information on what you are streaming through Kodi. If you’re in a country like the UK, the government may have taken things one step further and enforced and ISP block on Exodus that prevents you from downloading.

The easiest way to circumvent geo-restrictions and dispel privacy concerns is to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network). By setting up a VPN, you can keep your Kodi streaming habits private and bypass any blocks set up by your ISP.

A good VPN service will trick any website into thinking that you are outside of the UK, and also encrypt all of your data that passes through the internet. The VPN service we recommend is IPVanish. They have years of experience in the VPN industry, and are a Kodi community favourite.