Goodfellas Addon for Kodi – How to Install Guide

goodfellas kodi

The Goodfellas IPTV add-on provides a very extensive library for those who need a good live streaming option. Especially for live sports. Goodfellas rivals some of the other big names among the IPTV crowd, including UKTVNow and USTVNow. The biggest benefit, and possibly one that will draw many users in, is how easy to use this program actually is. We’ll get more into the details at the bottom, however. First, we’ll show you how to install the USTVNow addon for Kodi.

If you’re already familiar with installing add-ons on Kodi using repositories, just scroll down to step 3 for the link. Otherwise, follow this guide step-by-step to make sure you have everything you need. Similarly, you can find more live TV streaming add-ons on our other live TV add-ons guide.


We highly recommend using a VPN to keep your Kodi streaming habits private, and to help get around any geo-blocking that might be stopping you from accessing certain addons.

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Goodfellas Installation Walkthrough:

1. Go to “System”. Then, proceed to click on “File Manager”.
2. Click on “Add source”.
3. Under “Add source”, select “”. In the empty box, type in “ ”. Select “Done”. It will then prompt you to give the media source a name. You can name it anything, but the best option is to name it “Goodfellas. Select “OK” to move on.


4. Return to the home screen.
5. Click on “System”.
6. Under system, select “Add-ons”.
7. Go to “Install from zip file”.
8. Click on “Goodfellas” (this is this one you named).


9. Click on the repository folder. Then, click on the repository zip file.
10. You will receive a message that your add-on is enabled.
11. Go to the “Install from repository” section. Click it.


12. Select “Goodfellas”.
13. Click on “Program add-ons”.
14. Click on “Goodfellas”. Click on “Install”.


15. Once you receive the “Add-on enabled” message on the bottom right, head back to the “Add-ons” screen.
16. In “Add-ons”, select “Video Add-ons”.
17. Select “Goodfellas”. Install it.
18. Go back to your home screen.
19. Click on “Videos”. Then, Click on “Add-ons”
20. Go to “Goodfellas”. Your program should load from there.



A Quick Word on VPNs
If you have your Goodfellas add-on up and running, considering streaming through a virtual private network. VPNs are great for two, primary reasons. First, they work similar to proxy anonymizers, allowing you to stream content with complete anonymity. Secondly, VPNs allow you to choose which country you’re streaming from, making it appear as if you are localized. In case your ISP has any regional restrictions, a VPN will circumvent these blocks and allow you to stream content from anywhere. Considering that Goodfellas has a wide range of US, UK and a handful of other international options, this may be just what you need. It will be especially useful in the UK, where the government has blocked a large number of the best Kodi video add-ons. We suggest IPVanish as your go-to VPN solution. It’s a crowd favorite among the Kodi community, and with good reason. Do note, however, that it does not come free. That said, it does work with almost every device you have and offers the best value on the market.

Limitations and Benefits of Goodfellas

As we stated in the intro, Goodfellas is an easy competition for some of the other, popular live TV streaming Kodi add-ons. This relates to more than just the large number of television and movie streaming options. The add-on is also extremely easy to use. It may not have the extensively useful TV guide like what you’ll find with DNA Live TV, but ultimately it doesn’t need it.
Just look at the interface:


The simple list breaks down the categories with a lot of specificity. Some of the categories are actually a bit too specific. That includes the “Roast” section (composed of only comedy roasts). Realistically, there are far more streaming channels and movies on Goodfellas than there are actual channels. Nevertheless, the channel line-up is extremely large. It includes the most popular US-based cable channels (SyFy, HGTV, ESPN, HBO, etc.) as well as the most popular UK television stations (Sky, Sky movie channels, BBC stations).

The primary limitation for Goodfellas is that channels will occasionally stop working, seemingly for now reason. You may also need to install additional add-ons to access some of the channels. The organization of channels is also a bit confusing. Instead of listing all available US and UK TV stations in one place, you have to go looking for them. For example, you cannot find HGTV under the “US Canada and UK Live Channels” section. However, you can fit it under the “Her Place” category.

That said, the streaming is almost ubiquitously clear, with very little buffering and rather fast loading times.